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  • Great homage to original.
  • Doesn't take itself seriously.
  • Tons of levels and helicopters.


  • Not immune to some bugs.
  • Multiplayer would have been a nice addition.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Blogcritics on 80

Beyond nostalgia, there is certainly some fun to be had in the tried and true gameplay mechanics of a few remakes of classic games. The Atari 2600 was the multiplayer machine for my family, friends, and I in our L.A. area home but, the Apple II was...

By 1Up on 75

With the industry's seemingly never-ending desire to churn out games for a franchise until it drains every bit of life left in a series, it seems strange that we had to wait so long for a new Choplifter game. Originally published for the Apple II in...

By GameSpy on 70

Hey, how it's going Choplifter? Oh, it's Choplifter HD now, I see. Honestly, I didn't expect to see you at this remake party, but I'm happy you're here -- there are a lot of games I'd like to avoid at this get-together. You...

By Destructoid on 70

There has been a fair share of '80s arcade titles that made the transition to the current generation. From Pac-Man: CE to Galaga Legions, the downloadable platforms have become a haven for games that try to capture that nostalgia of old in a flashy...

By Cheat Code Central on 74

Choplifter HD is a remake of an old Apple II game by Dan Gorlin (who, by the way, also had a hand in Choplifter HD). In the old Apple II game, you controlled a helicopter, and you were tasked with picking up passengers while simultaneously fending off...

By IGN Gear on 80

The only notable feature unique to the PC version of Choplifter HD is its spotty mouse controls. I preferred the precision of an Xbox game pad to my mouse, as the aiming is not only tuned better for it, but circular within the game as well. My mouse...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Begrenzte Ladekapazitäten, Spritvorräte und Zeitkontingente sind ein Problem, mit dem Konsolenpiloten während der rund 30 Rettungsmissionen zu kämpfen haben - Unmengen von feindlichen Luftabwehrgeschützen,...

International Review By on

Die Grafik mag sich in der nostalgiebeladenen Neuauflage von Konami und inXile Entertainment geändert haben - die Idee ist jedoch dieselbe geblieben: In "Choplifter HD" fliegt man mit einem Heli nach Wahl von links nach rechts oder rechts nach...

International Review By Gamereactor on 50

Mathias har flugit räddningshelikopter genom krigszoner och zombieockuperade storstäder för att rädda överlevare, i denna remake av kultklassikern från...