Condemned: Criminal Origins

  • Condemned: Criminal Origins
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  • Stunning graphics.
  • Great sound create.
  • Consistently tense and frightening environment.


  • Seemingly unfinished story.
  • Repetitive environments.

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By BrightHub on 60

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By Maximum PC on 70

Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the creepiest single-player games we’ve ever played. It’s even scarier than FEAR, which is the current high-water mark in the horror/shooter genre. But like Doom 3, it runs out of new ideas early, and by...

By IT Reviews on

spooky and gory crime thriller: Serial killers. Theyre not all bad. Personally were not keen on Special K either, so a bit of breakfast bludgeoning is understandable in a way... ahh, wait a minute. Our introduction appears to have perpetrated an...

By GamePro on 70

Interested in a cheap, dirty thrill? Then the PC port of Condemned: Criminal Origins might be for...

By on 60

Segas brutal take on survival horror is sure to hit you where it...

By GameZone on 80

Have you ever sat around and wondered what it would be like to be a detective? You know … go out on the crazy back streets of a major city investigating crimes and hanging out in the dark and seedy corners of the earth looking to take out the...

By Gameguru Mania on 84

Condemned: Criminal Origins(hx) 06:42 AM EDT - Apr,26 2006 Condemned: Criminal Origins is a first-person action game from Monolith (makers of F.E.A.R.). The game was originally released for the Xbox 360 but has now been faithfully adapted to the PC....

By GWN on 82

Condemned combines inventive melee-based game play and a real life horror theme to create a terrifyingly gritty, crime themed action...

By TweakTown on 70

Its not too often these days that you see a PC game endorsed by SEGA themselves, let alone an FPS, but then again, it isnt often you see an FPS like Condemned: Criminal Origins. While the typical new releases in the FPS genre get prettier with...

By cnet on 81

Spec: Adventure, 1 Player, Mature

International Review By Clubic on 60

Un temps spécialiste du FPS parodique avec la série No One Lives Forever, Monolith a changé son fusil dépaule. Après un F.E.A.R. où le joueur devait déjà gérer des situations plutôt oppressantes, le développeur va bien plus loin avec Condemned qui...

International Review By on 80

Alltsedan vetenskapligt tänkande började vinna mark under 1700-talets upplysningstid har tron på det oförklarliga tappat mark. Likväl får obegripligheter oss fortfarande att tappa fattningen. Monolith sammanför de båda trosriktningarna i Condemned,...

International Review By Smartson on

Condemned: Criminal Origins är ett snyggt och välgjort spel som tack vare den perfekta symbiosen mellan handling, ljud, grafik och gameplay, bjuder på en skräckupplevelse utöver det...