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By Gaming Nexus on 70

Beat ‘em ups, brawlers, whatever you prefer to call them, they act as a great sponge for some pent up stress. Countless hordes of weakling, no-name enemies that exist solely to be cut down, peppered with the occasional tough-guy that takes more than a...

By Strategy Informer on 35

Japanese anime hack ‘n’ slash arcade games have always been a bit weird. They tend to be flashy affairs fueled by electric guitars and violins and bass drums, wherein a mash of buttons, a blur of colour, and a conveyor belt of enemies is complemented...

By on

Croixleur Sigma's opening has quite an elaborate summary regarding the tense relations between the Knight and Aristocracy factions during the tournament of which are heroines are a part. Fransesca and Lucrezia are competing to prove themselves as...

International Review By on

Find out how the PSN port of the Croixleur game fares well compared to the PC original.After some reasonable success for a PC release, Croilxeur Sigma, a game by an independent game developer in Japan known as ‘Souvenir Circ,' becomes available on...