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Dead Space 3 follows recurring protagonist Isaac Clarke and newcomer John Carver as they scour the frozen planet of Tau Volantis. In addition to drop-in/drop-out co-op, Dead Space 3 introduces several new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to roll for more responsive control and an automatic cover system that doesn't require you to press a button to duck behind something.

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By TechSpot on

The third installment in the Dead Space series was released this month, and considering the game made our list of 2013's most anticipated PC games we thought we would check it out to see how it looked and performed. Dead Space 3 is the direct sequel to...

By AsiaOne on 90

You reprise the role of aeronautical engineer Isaac Clarke in this third instalment of the futuristic horror third-person shooter series.In a twist of fate, Clarke has turned fighter to fend off Necromorphs, human corpses that are mutated and...

By on

The first Dead Space game was something pretty special. Its setting of a deserted spaceship infested with seemingly endless hordes of "necromorph" human/alien mutations pushed the boundaries when it came to evoking a sense of isolation and foreboding,...

By EuroGamer on 40

Awakened doesn't add anything to its parent game other than a punchline that makes it clear that Isaac's trials on Tau Volantis were ultimately a waste of his - and our - time.

By HardwareHeaven on 80

Video review without...

By PC Gamer on

12Next »Review by Nathan DitumOn a city street at the start of Dead Space 3, there’s a poster for a film called Tools Of Terror. It features a man in a tuxedo pulling a James Bond pose, but instead of a pistol he’s holding a wrench. He is, it’s fairly...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Entering the atmosphere loses some of its charm, but Dead Space 3 still has scares...

By GameSpy on 80

Miraculously, Dead Space 3 seems to have slipped through a loophole in whatever rule it is that requires the third entry in a sci-fi series to be dramatically worse than the second. (Star Trek, Alien, Terminator, Back to the Future, and yes even The...

By New Game Network on 82

A strong sequel that maintains dismemberment, stressful combat and crazy marker happenings. It falters with minor co-op intrusions, backtracking, excessive solo action and a mixed story package. Exploring the derelict spaceships is a series highlight...

By Tech Digest on 80

Name: Genre: Platform: Poor old Isaac Clarke. He's faced off against zombie-spider-alien necromorphs since 2008, saved his beau Ellie Langford numerous times and, since the closing credits of Dead Space 2, has finally settled down in a space-age city...

By VR-Zone on 75

INTRODUCTION Dead Space 3 brings its usual game to the table, mostly living up to its pedigree and providing another terrifying venture into space that will make you jolt out of your seat on at least a few occasions. Thankfully though, most of the...

By VR-Zone on 75

Dead Space 3 is here! Can we expect a competent sequel, or are we in for a really bad day in deep space? We've dismembered the game and have a verdict for you!INTRODUCTIONDead Space 3 brings its usual game to the table, mostly living up to its pedigree...

By Pocket-lint on 80

Worth a play, but not for the same reasons the first two...

By on 75

If you like Dead Space, you should play Dead Space 3. The game can be great and is a lot of fun, despite some flaws.

By on 78

Does the addition of co-op and a new icy locale make the third time a charm?

By on 80

Mehr Action, Eisplanet statt Gruselkreuzer, Koop-Modus. Ist das überhaupt noch Dead Space, oder hat Electronic Arts den serientypischen Horror zugunsten einer größeren Zielgruppe geopfert?

By on 80

Dead Space 3 is a pretty good addition to the franchise and, while it tries to respect the core of the series, quite a few of its additions don't really hit their targets, like the scavenging component or the co-op, to some degree.

By AtomicGamer on 80

On PC, Visceral Games made a fully functional but no-frills port with a few basic graphical features you can throw on, a simple set of control options, 360 gamepad functionality if you're into that, and the same texture quality that you'd get over on consoles. The game still looks and sounds pretty great...

By Cheat Code Central on 74

Dead Space is a series I’ve grown quite fond of in recent months, as I finally got the chance to play through the first two games in their entirety not long ago. What I love about those games is that they understand survival horror; they realize that...

By 1Up on 69

If pop culture has taught us anything, it's that space can be a pretty lonely place. Like Ellen Ripley before him, Dead Space's Isaac Clark had to endure two full games of solitary terror in order to arrive at where he is today. To give the guy a...