Death Track: Resurrection

  • Death Track: Resurrection
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  • Tracks are well designed.
  • The car combat can be chaotic fun.
  • Good sense of speed.


  • No multiplayer of any kind.
  • Too much frustrating randomness.

Expert reviews and ratings

By BrightHub on 80

Death Track Resurrection straddles the line between solid racing entertainment and erratic chaos beautifully to produce a video game thats satisfying and enjoyable to take for a ride. Parts of the entertainment do get lost in the translation from...

By Games Radar on 30

The main premise of Death Track: Resurrection is that you compete with a group of other drivers on a series of post-apocalyptic renditions of famous cities, like London, Paris and Moscow. As you drive about the tracks, you can shoot at your opponents,...

By GameZone on 60

Death Track: Resurrection is interesting to watch, as the tracks collapse and everything goes to hell in a hand basket as you race through is pretty cool. However, the lack of online play and often overly chaotic gameplay make it a somewhat...

By GameSpot on 55

This car combat racing game provides some high speed fun, but numerous frustrations and a lack of online play put the brakes on....

By cnet on 55

Youve probably wished for a forgotten game franchise to be brought back from the dead. Chances are, however, that the Death Track series of PC car combat games was not on your list of nominees. Yet as unfamiliar as you may be with those racers,...

By IGN Gear on

Racing a car around a track is so 1990s. Now, just getting from Point A back around to Point A is so passé and boring that there was no other option than to take a bunch of cars, strap a bunch of machine guns and rocket launchers to em, and...