Elemental: Fallen Enchantress

  • Elemental: Fallen Enchantress
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  • Compelling turnbased gameplay keeps you coming back for more.
  • Great empire building options provide long-term strategic depth and replayability.
  • Aggressive, challenging AI.


  • Extremely tough in the beginning.
  • Not enough variety to the predictable tactical battles.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GamingNexus on 88

This is a good expansion/patch to a good game. It fixes some bugs, adds some interesting features, and slips in lots of changes to quietly improve gameplay and balance. It's definitely worth $20 for “Fallen Enchantress” owners, and $40 for anybody looking for a good 4X fantasy TBS.

By ZTGD on 87

There may be a few times you will get dealt a bad hand in the random generated world, but you will be having so much fun taking on quests and building your starting city that you won’t mind too much. For $40, you get one rather addicting fantasy game with Legendary Heroes and I can’t suggest it enough.

By Thunderbolt on 50

You can choose a sovereign or build your own. Name him, or her. Name their kingdom. Decide what clothes they wear and what sigil is emblazoned on their banner. Give them a backstory. But that’s only the start of it. The experience of Legendary Heroes is highly user defined. It’s a sandbox for you to build your empire, for you to explore, and it’s up to you in regards to the how.

By PC Gamer on 85

Fixes most of Elemental’s technical and design problems, making it an addictively complex and rewarding strategy...

By CNET Australia on 70

Fallen Enchantress is a smart, challenging strategy game with tons of...

By IGN on 79

Fallen Enchantress isn’t without its problems, but it marks a fun and significant improvement over 2010’s Elemental: War of Magic and proves that there may be hope for its rare blend of roleplaying and 4x strategy after all. Its individual elements suffer from a “jack of all trades” mediocrity, but they combine to form a whole that...

By GameSpy on 70

When modder-turned-designer Derek Paxton took over Elemental: War of Magic's development, he was handed the keys to a real fixer-upper. Elemental never coalesced into the 4X strategy-RPG hybrid it was supposed to be. There were too many systems that...

By GameInformer on 83

I like Fallen Enchantress. It’s the closest anyone has come to producing the game I’ve been dreaming about since I was an adolescent with visions of wizards carving fantastical empires out of a hostile world. But as much as I feel like I should be head-over-heels in love with it, my 50-plus hours with the game leave me satisfied rather than ecstatic.

By CCC on 92

Even the combat, which could have been either clunky or dull, is smooth and engaging, with just enough strategic depth to make a win feel like an accomplishment and a loss a failure on the player’s part. These days, I rarely return to a title after I’ve reviewed it. Either there’s simply nothing left to be done or I’m burned out on it. With Fallen Enchantress, I think I’ll be breaking that pattern.

By FiringSquad on 75

Think of Civilization, growing your empire across the world, hoarding all of the resources that you come across, and fending off rival civilizations. But instead of using ordinary soldiers to defend your empire, you rely on the services of powerful...