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  • Exciting F1 racing.
  • Excellent soundtrack.
  • Game modes to suit every F1 fan.


  • F1 Classics mode not as extensive as you might think.
  • AI drivers can do their best to spoil your race.

Expert reviews and ratings

By MacLife on 70

Navigating the tension between laser-cut simulation and players' desire to have fun and succeed is an unenviable task, but F1 2013 comes closer than ever to succeeding. For those willing to practice, F1 2013 is technically impressive and robust.

By PCGamer on 82

There’s enough simulation here to keep F1 fans of all stripes burning those Pirelli slicks down to the cords, and enough game to etch a smile on their face while doing so.

By Techgage on

It's almost the end of the current Formula 1 season. F1 racing gamers know, then, that it's time for F1 2013 , Codemasters' annual F1-licensed offering, to come out. Available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, F1 2013 depicts the 2013 Formula 1 season,...

By micromart.co.uk on 80

Formula 1 games usually fail to impress the purist to any degree. There have been some fairly good examples in the past, for the PC; games such as the F1 Challenge were reasonable, but it wasn't until Codemasters picked up the F1 baton in 2009, or 2010...

By Strategy Informer on 85

Whatever your feelings on the monotony of F1 in modern times, there’s no doubting Codemasters’ ability to faithfully reproduce the high-octane thrills that come along with driving those prized vehicles. With the quality bar set pretty high in 2012, F1...

By IGN on 80

The new classic content ultimately doesn’t soar quite high enough to justify purchase alone for F1 2012 owners but, combined with the well-honed existing content, F1 2013 is a very complete and satisfying package overall. Yearly devotees will be less blown away than new fans, or ones returning from a year or two away from the series, but F1 2013 is the most definitive distillation of the motorsport to date.

By EuroGamer on 70

Dedicated series fans might feel somewhat aggrieved, then, that they're being asked to spend a further £10 just to augment that slim offering with 90s content, particularly as it's those hardcore fans who likely feel the tug of nostalgia the hardest. Still, it's testament to how thrilling and dramatic the included classic cars are that it's even a dilemma at all.

By TrustedReviews on 80

While it doesn’t make an astounding first impression, and the F1 Classics mode isn’t as big as you might think, F1 2013 is a fine F1 game. There are enough assists and game modes to cover everyone from F1 fanatics to more casual fans, and the action on the track is fast and visceral, with no shortage of high-speed thrills.

By Multiplayer IT on 85

La Formula 1 di Codemasters si conferma essere come un piacevole appuntamento per tutti gli amanti del Circus iridato. Il suo immobilismo viene scosso anno dopo anno da introduzioni azzeccate, ma è impossibile non notare che le stesse problematiche continuano a riproporsi edizione dopo edizione senza essere risolte. Il tutto a scapito della voglia di realismo del gioco.

By CVG on 80

An essential purchase? Certainly if you're either a Formula One devotee, or just someone looking for a motorsport game with both meat and rigour. Now, let's see what Codemasters can do with the next-gen consoles.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

With gorgeous visuals and exciting racing action, it’s a wholly enjoyable and supremely satisfying Formula One experience. There’s always the chance that some hardcore players will feel more at home with something more focused on strict simulation, but this is a marvelously high-octane experience for F1 newcomers and veterans alike.

By EuroGamer IT on 80

Chi invece ha apprezzato F1 2012 e si accontenta di un'evoluzione a piccoli passi, proceda pure in tutta tranquillità a un acquisto invece praticamente obbligato per chi adora la F1 e non ha mai posseduto uno dei titoli precedenti.

By GamesRadar on 90

It's a fitting way to conclude current-gen F1, polishing the contemporary and reflecting on the old before the next-gen version inevitably brings in the new in 2014. It’s a touching ode to an era when Formula One was truly magical. So if ever you thought racing cars were cool as a kid, you need to play F1 2013. Somehow they’ve become even cooler.

By VideoGamer on 80

F1 2013 is the franchise’s most complete, versatile and thoughtful iteration yet. Fans of the sport will lap up what is an extremely rewarding product. For everyone else, Codemasters’ lone residency atop the podium ensures the upgrade over last year’s game is minimal, especially if you don’t know the difference between Gerhard Berger and the Nurburgring’s fast-food stand.

By HardwareHeaven on 90

Yes it is now in need of a visual overhaul and yes the core gameplay is very similar to 2012 but last year's revision was a great game and new classic mode ads a huge amount of fun (and significant content). In fact it's likely most people will spend the majority of their time in classic mode, just tearing round the likes of Brands Hatch in a 1988 Williams FW12 because it plays fantastically.

By DigitalSpy on 80

Codemasters has promised it is 'cooking up a storm' for F1 2014 on Xbox One and PS4. Next-gen strikes us as being even better suited to the sport. Who knows, Vettel might not even win the championship next year (he will), making F1 2014 sound even more special.

By HardwareHeaven on

F1 games are like buses. You wait ages for one and then two come along at the same time Ive been waiting years to use that line in a game review! Anyway Today we are going to take a look at the upcoming F1 2013, an...

International Review By almodi.org on

Если вы играли в F1 2012, то в версии 2013 года увидите мало нового, разумеется, в расчет не берется режим Classics, ради которого и покупают эту игру. Он приносит гораздо больше: новое авто, трассы, меняется физика управления, добавляются прочие мелочи....

International Review By dome.fi on

Codemasters on julkaissut jokaisen Formula 1 -pelinsä outoon rakoon, kun aito Formulakausi on jo taputtelua vaille valmis. Olisi loogisempaa saada markkinoiden ainoa virallinen peli hanskoihin kauden alussa, jolloin kuumotus on pitkän talvitauon...

International Review By Tweakers on 70

Met F1 2013 maakt Codemasters nog niet de stap naar de volgende generatie consoles, maar er valt een aardig pleidooi te houden waarin kan worden uitgelegd dat de tijd er rijp voor is. F1 2013 introduceert weliswaar klassieke F1-auto's in het spel, maar...