Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

  • Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn
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  • Great dungeons with clever mechanics.
  • Class system gives you lots of flexibility with one character.
  • Tons of fun, witty dialogue.


  • FATEs get grindy.
  • Quest structure leads to some tedious travel.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Neoseeker on 80

If there's a place in the modern spectrum of Final Fantasy titles that most closely resembles the franchise's humble origins, it's in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn . Where as single-player Final Fantasy titles stubbornly pursue a modernized,...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

A Realm Reborn is such a substantial change from the original game that it merits a second look if you hated the first release. So much has changed for the better, and it has resulted in one of the most polished MMORPGs out there...

By PC Gamer on 79

Structural innovations and strong presentation, held back by grind and an old-fashioned business...

By InsideGamingDaily on 90

What you will find is the most mechanically broad, content dense, and goddamned gorgeous MMO ever made. If you’ve enjoyed any MMO of the past decade, there’s something in Realm Reborn for you. And if you’ve enjoyed them all? Well… just remember to take a shower once in a while.

By GameSpot on 70

Yet these previously charted lands are wondrous to look at and overflowing with like-minded adventurers seeking to make a name for themselves in a world in need of heroes. And when you need to escape to another world, sometimes beautiful landscapes and well-oiled entertainment are enough to keep you exploring.

By USGamer on 90

Square Enix has pulled off the seemingly impossible: rescuing a disastrous flop of an online game without going free-to-play, and creating an incredibly addictive, satisfying experience for both MMO and Final Fantasy veterans in the process. A Realm Reborn is a triumph for Naoki Yoshida and his team.

By Meristation on 85

Lejos de rendirse (cualquier otra compañía hubiera cerrado los servidores sin contemplaciones y se hubiera puesto a trabajar en otro proyecto) la compañía de Wada ha desarrollado un MMORPG a la altura de los mejores en apenas 2 años, y eso hay que tenerlo en cuenta. Para los que venimos de la versión 1.0 es impresionante contemplar...

By IGN on 86

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a great MMORPG experience on both PC and PlayStation 3. Grounded in tradition and learning from the lessons of the games that preceded it, it thrives on the strength of its excitingly varied and flexible class system and highly mobile combat.

By Polygon on 90

I was cautiously optimistic that Square could turn around its failure with Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn, but even with my fondness for the series, I never could have guessed it would put out something so successful. For MMO fans, this will put your best-honed skills to the test while telling a strong story in a well-realized world.

By CCC on 86

But it's beyond clear that Final Fantasy XIV has, in fact, been reborn. This is everything players wanted the original game to be--it might avoid pushing the boundaries, but it provides hours upon hours of well-designed quest sequences, breathtaking graphics, and a gripping plot. At last, we have a modern MMO worthy of the Final Fantasy name.

By Destructoid on 90

If I wasn't such a big Final Fantasy fan in general, I'm not sure that the game would do it for me, but all of the bells and whistles that come with the territory have almost made it feel like home.

By GameRevolution on 70

Ultimately, I've enjoyed my time with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, though I can't deny its derivative quality. Much of what I've discussed regarding this game, good or bad, has been done by other games in the genre and some done better. But then we'll need to get into the merits of all MMOs, and that's a discussion for another day.

By 3DJuegos on 90

Construido sobre la base del fallido Final Fantasy XIV, A Realm Reborn supone todo un logro a la perseverancia; a la pasión y dedicación de un grupo de desarrolladores japoneses por esta obra, a la que nunca han dado por perdida. Y gracias a ello, casi tres años después del lanzamiento del original, hoy nos encontramos ante este magnífico MMO que hace honor a sus raíces.

By VentureBeat on 90

I never played the original Final Fantasy XIV, so I can’t really say how this stacks against it. But regardless of how truly bad it was, I’m more concerned with how excellent A Realm Reborn is now.

By Cheat Code Central on 86

When Square Enix decided to end Final Fantasy XIV, the company didn't just shut down the servers. No, it smashed the entire world to pieces: A dragon escaped from prison and wiped out most of Eorzea. The idea was to set the stage for rebirth. Today, a...

By VR-Zone on

With the beta for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn completed and the game's impending launch, we thought it would be pertinent to share our experiences with the game's esteemed beta test.Below I've chronicled my personal adventures throughout Eorzea as...

International Review By on 80

Auch zwei Monate nach dem Launch ist Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Auf der einen Seite sind wir von der fantastischen Landschaft, dem tollen Soundtrack und dem komplexen Crafting-System begeistert. Auch die spannende...

International Review By on

Para los veteranos jugadores de juegos como World of Warcraft, el juego les puede parecer que tiene pocas novedades y sin mucha atracción; pero para los que no lo son, FFXIV es una buena oportunidad para empezar. Debo reconocer que las primeras horas de...

International Review By on

Seria Final Fantasy ma na całym świecie miliony fanów, nic więc dziwnego, że Square Enix postanowiło z tego skorzystać wprowadzając sagę w świat MMO. Pierwsze podejście odbyło się w 2010 roku i zakończyło spektakularnym fiaskiem niecałe dwa lata później....

International Review By GameElite on 80

Nu tar Final Fantasy-serien på allvar upp kampen med jätten World of Warcraft om alla onlinerollspelare. Har Square Enix lyckats skapa en värdig utmanare? Viktor har spelat och har svaret. En av världens längst pågående rollspelsserier är det japanska...