• Flashback
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  • Environments look rich.
  • Includes original game.
  • Controls make platform navigation simple.


  • Terrible voice acting.
  • Distinct lack of challenge.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameInformer on 30

It would be an easy joke to say I wish I could erase my memories of playing this game and stow them in my own ocean-bound holocube. But I need to remember; someday, someone might ask if that Flashback remake was any good, and I’ll have to draw on those memories before responding with a 30-second-long “No.”

By EuroGamer on 50

That's something you could never say about the original Flashback, for all its faults. It might have been obtuse, fussy and frustrating, but it had a clarity of purpose and vision that this anniversary edition struggles to match. Time may not have been particularly kind to Flashback, but 20 years on, it hasn't been forgotten. It's unlikely we'll be able to say the same for this remake in 20 days.

By VideoGamer on 40

Flashback was never an arcade game, so I have no idea why this is featured. It's a shame that such a revered classic has received such a soulless re-imagining, especially considering the people involved. It's never awful, but its lack of personality is almost worse than being all-out dire.

By DigitalSpy on 40

Flashback the remake attempts to fix the original's control issues but introduces new problems in the process, while bad voice acting massacres the story presentation that was so revered to begin with.

By CVG on 70

The classic Flashback 1993 Edition is also included in the package, although the presentation in a virtual arcade cabinet with faux CRT display feels a little jarring. It's still fun to play through, making it a welcome bonus for any retro fans that fondly remember the original.

By IGN on 58

Unfortunately, whilst competent in execution and steeped in nostalgia, this remake of the 1992 classic Flashback doesn’t quite have the firepower or ingenuity to measure up in its own right against the current standard in platformers.