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  • Flexibility on how much commitment you need.
  • More comprehensive scouting and reports.
  • Deep match-day experience.


  • Lots and lots of meetings.
  • Still has a learning curve.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IT Pro Portal on 80

Gamers and pundits alike have been wetting themselves with excitement over the latest installation of football's most popular management simulation, and while we're typically keen to distance ourselves from the pack mentality, it's difficult to argue...

By New Game Network on 86

Still the best way to manage a football team without becoming a manager yourself. Football Manager 2013 improves upon last year's game with new game modes and smoother...

By Play TM on 89

In the games industry today one of the worst crimes that can be committed by any publisher of developer is to churn out a new game in a series every year without...

By on 80

In recent years, discussing Sports Interactive's Football Manager series has taken on a dependably consistent tack: run through the significant updates for long-term players, mark out the improvements to accessibility for newcomers, discuss how...

By Zero1Gaming on

If nothing else, you should give Football Manager 2013 a try to experience a style of game quite unlike any other you’ll have come across.

By OperationSports on 95

So the bottom line is that while the game looks quite similar to Football Manager 12, there are many under-the-hood improvements that makes being a virtual football manager an even more immersive, and - here’s another word I’ve avoided using to death - addictive experience. A fantastic game all around.

By TheKoalition on 86

This is unfortunate but not enough to stop FM13 being every bit the Football Manager you need it to be, and with multiplayer and challenge modes included it offers great value for anybody with the itch to try managing a Football Team.

By IGN on 90

As wonderfully absorbing as ever, and the Classic mode proves that sometimes going back to basics works best.

By TheGuardian on 100

Without the amount of new modes and improvements on offer, Football Manager 13 is a pretty astonishing package. It will, though, be interesting to see what form next year's release will take.

By NowGamer on 88

Offering a few brand new features to the home version we genuinely never expected to see, Football Manager 2013 is the best version of the game yet. And this time around we can genuinely recommend it to newcomers and time-poor.

By SoftPedia on 90

I cannot, in good faith, recommend Football Manager 2013 to all people who share a love of both video games and the sport of football; for them the most natural fit is to play the EA Sports made FIFA 13 simulation title.

By Pocket-lint on 100

Football Manager 2013 is the most complete experience yet and, with Football Manager Classic and Challenge modes tacked on for free, it’s also best value too.

By DailyMail on 100

Realism has always been paramount in the Football Manager series, and while the inclusion of a user-friendly 'Classic Mode' may not be to everybody's tastes, the full-fat game has more depth than ever.

By Metro on 90

This year though it genuinely does try to shake things up. Some fans may fear where exactly Sports Interactive’s priorities now lay, but for this year at least this should please pretty much everybody.

By StrategyInformer on 83

For 2013, there’s more than enough to keep fans happy, and while it sometimes seems worth it to skip the latest version of Football Manager, the overhauled multiplayer and game mode variation makes this an essential purchase as ever.

By NoobFeed on 95

In all, I take my hat off to them on a splendid job and all that’s left now is to explain to the missus why my future sleeping patterns are going to be seriously messed up.

By WhatCulture! on 95

The matches feel more realistic, the players more responses and 'smarter' on the pitch and the addition of media tones / new roles within the club add an extra layer to the Football Manager onion.

By Pocket-lint on 100

Wow. Football Manager 2013 is the most complete simulation experience any sports games has ever managed to present. At times, it is so complex that you can be forgiven for thinking that, once mastered, you could manage a genuine team in the real...

By Strategy Informer on 90

It’s better than last year. There – review done. We can all move on now. OK, the more pressing is why? What could Sports Interactive possibly do to make Football Manager 2013 feel fresh?...

By TheSixthaxis on 90

Sports Interactive may not have any real challengers to their football management sim crown but they still strive to present a better package for their players every year. This year, they’ve outdone themselves.