FTL: Faster Than Light

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  • Strategically rewarding gameplay makes you feel like a starship captain, Fastpaced campaign loaded with tense combat, Many hours of enjoyable spacefaring adventure for just $10.


  • Lacking in encounter variety

Expert reviews and ratings

By Blogcritics on 100

Most of my gaming experience is playing huge triple-A blockbusters, games like Halo 4, Mass Effect 3, and Batman Arkham City. But every now and then brilliant independent games like Bastion, Braid and currently FTL: Faster Than Light by Subset Games...

By Expert Reviews on 100

A deep, deceptively simple and brilliantly designed strategy game...

By PCGamer on 89

Polished and involving, FTL spews superb sci-fi adventures like a cornered Mantis boarder spews hot formic acid.

By Dvice on -

The view of a captain's responsibilities. (Screenshot: Nathaniel Wattenmaker/DVICE)If one was faced with describing FTL: Faster Than Light concisely, the words "sparse," "evocative" and "random" could easily spring to mind. What's interesting...

By Tech Digest on 100

Name: Genre: Platform: Halo gives you the space gunfights. Mass Effect gives you the sweeping space-opera story. Dead Space gives you soiled underwear. Each offers a slice of life on Mars, but none have really managed to capture that feeling of...

By New Game Network on 83

This game is simply phenomenal in one area, and merely adequate in every other. Faster Than Light strives to be the hands-down absolute best sci-fi ship-to-ship combat simulator, and it might just be taking home the trophy as far as gameplay is...

By technologytell.com on -

The rebels are coming. Their one goal is to completely wipe out the Federation and take control of the galaxy. After that, no one really knows what will happen. Odds are, it'll be apocalypse on a universal scale, since the rebels not only hate...

By VideoGamer on 90

FTL ReviewHave you ever watched Battlestar Galactica and wanted control over the fleet's faster than light travel? Have you ever played Mass Effect and yearned for ship-to-ship combat instead of cover-based shooting and dodgy romances? FTL may just...

By PC Authority on 83

Pah! *leans closer, scarred face glowing in the warmth of the plasma-fire* Mass Effect? KOTR? Borderlands? games for sissies! Do you see how I got this scar, eh? *points gnarled, fingerless, hand at face* in FTL my friend, FTL... *cough, wheeze* you...

By EuroGamer on 80

That the windfall didn't result in a bloated indulgence speaks highly of Subset's focus. If they can keep updating FTL with new scenarios, new spaceships and new stories with the same intelligence and restraint, we could well be seeing the birth of a future classic.

By GameTrailers on 90

If you’ve every daydreamed about commanding a starship held together by sheer will by a bloodied, ragtag crew, these are 10 bucks very well spent.

By Destructoid on 90

FTL made me feel like I was in command of a starship. Or, rather, a series of constantly exploding starships. If that's something you'd be into, and I certainly don't want to know you if it isn't, then do yourself a favor and grab FTL.

By IGN on 80

Faster Than Light is a fun little Roguelike set in space, but its randomness creates some impossibly tough situations.

By GameSpot on 80

Tense combat, easy-to-handle ship management, and fast-moving campaigns make this a game that is far more than the sum of its parts, despite a few shortcomings with mission variety and the remorseless nature of the (mostly) save-free game design.

By GameSpot on 80

Thrilling combat and strategic depth make indie space sim Faster Than Light a...

By GameSpy on 85

If you're at all interested in the concept, and prepared to embrace death to get to it, check it out and get ready to be hooked on one of the best space games around.

International Review By Skillpoint on 80

På senare tid har slumpmässigt genererade spel fascinerat mig. Kombinera detta med permanent död och en ständig stigande svårighetsgrad och jag blir en väldigt lycklig människa. Det är något som är...

International Review By Gamer.no on 90

Det er alltid vanskelig å sette karakter på et spill som FTL. Opplevelsen i seg selv er fantastisk. Konseptet er genialt; utførelsen like bra. Det er en utrolig følelse å reise ombord i et romskip, mens man tar vare på...

International Review By Eurogamer on 90

De fleste af os har nok engang drømt om at blive astronaut. Om at komme ud i rummet og besøge fremmede planeter. Star Trek, Star Wars og mange andre film og serier har altid skildret det som noget helt fantastisk. Men for de fleste af os, er...

International Review By dome.fi on -

FTL, Faster Than Light, on erinomainen peli kahdellakin tavalla. Ensinnäkin se on kultainen esimerkki siitä, mihin Kickstarter parhaimmillaan pystyy. Normaalisti kahden amatöörin kehittämä lautapelihenkinen avaruuspeli ei...