House of the Dying Sun


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By EuroGamer on 70

While House of the Dying Sun does feature a dynamic challenge mode, for most people the experience will be over all too quickly. The good news is that Dying Sun 2, or whatever space-based treat Marauder Interactive eventually works on next, will be a game to get truly excited about. In the meantime, if anyone out there finds where the Freespace IP might have ended up, they now know who to entrust it to.

International Review By on

Benjamin Danneberg@Game_Play_MeIch habe vor langer Zeit Tie-Fighter gesuchtet. Doch das ist schon so lange her, dass ich mich kaum noch daran erinnern kann. Während der sehr gute Arena Commander (Star Citizen) derzeit »nur« einen Herausforderungsmodus...

By GameInformer on 75

Within the brief campaign, content offerings are sparse and consist mainly of tougher difficulty encounters or a challenge mode – simple, barebones stuff with graphics that don’t really live up to today’s standards. While the visuals are functional and crisp, they don’t need to be as blast-from-the-past as the rest of the title. House of the Dying Sun is light on content offerings and depth, but big on giving players a modern day chance to experience the great gameplay that defined classic space shooters of an era long past.

International Review By on

Now don't get yourselves all worked up over this, I'm just using them as reference points rather than yardsticks of depth and quality, but when you first fire up House of the Dying Sun (and for quite a long while after you've closed it down), the two...