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  • Beautiful graphics.
  • Moody sci-fi soundtrack.
  • Good character design.


  • Flawed level design.
  • Frustrating gameplay.

Expert reviews and ratings

By EuroGamer on 50

The two never find an equilibrium, leaving the game's best ideas underdeveloped and its mistakes awkwardly exposed. It's a game that will appeal most to die-hard retro shmup aficionados but they, ironically, are the ones most likely to have trouble reconciling Humans Must Answer's muddled heart.

By GeekNewWave on 70

Even Magrunner, despite the harsh things I had to say about that, earnestly tried to take its ideas to their extreme. Humans Must Answer simply settles for yesterday's game in high definition, checking off the tropes of today's indie market, to be forgotten by players tomorrow.

By BlisteredThumbs on 60

However, I cannot recommend this game to any but the most hardcore shoot ‘em up fans, as an average player, and possibly even an experienced one, is likely to be overwhelmed by the difficulty on display here. I certainly was.

By IndieGameMag on 70

All in all, Humans Must Answer doesn’t break any particularly new ground in the arcade-style 2-D shooter genre, though the chicken perspective is a fun, if occasionally overindulged, twist. It is a small step for man (and chickens), perhaps, but one giant leap as far as developers’ first releases go, and indicates future potential. Great things may yet come to pass in SumomGames’ future, if subsequent projects are properly incubated.

By HardcoreGamer on 40

To be fair, however, Humans Must Answer is a good example of a specific sub-genre of shooter, but it’s just not one that happens to be much fun.

By InvisionCommunity on 100

If you’re just interested in trying out a shmup game then pick it up, and if you enjoy a light-hearted but challenging game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, then pick it up. Humans Must Answer is available at at the moment for the reasonable price of $10 at the moment, a pretty good price for hours of entertainment.

By CapsuleComputers on 85

The game succeeds in terms of implementing a new concept, where humans are the enemy and chickens are the conquerors of the Yolk System, as well as giving players the opportunity to improve their arcade shooting and strategic thinking skills. Come aboard the Golden Eagle and hatch the beginning of a new universal leader!