Jade Empire: Special Edition

  • Jade Empire: Special Edition
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  • Great storyline.
  • Fascinating characters.
  • Strong script.


  • Simplistic combat.
  • Flaws in alignment system.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Yet Another Review Site on 90

I hate to admit it, but the more I play RPG's the more I seem to be getting into them. Of late I have had more than my fair share of good RPG's to review, so I am feeling more than a little spoiled. I have noticed that they tend to fall into one...

By DarkZero on 88

Finally, after all this time Jade Empire has made it to the PC. When Bioware originally released it on the Xbox it was greatly acclaimed, especially after the success of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic; Bioware did particularly well with...

By IT Reviews on

unusual martial arts RPG: If youre an RPG player, Bioware is a developer youll be familiar with. Even those with a cursory interest in the genre will doubtless be acquainted with role-playing classics such as Baldurs Gate and Knights of...

By Tech2 on 80

I’m not much of an RPG-er but I do enjoy the occasional RPG that isn’t played out from a top down or isometric view and isn’t a total click fest like say Diablo or the more recent Titan Quest. As a result of my weird taste in RPGs I...

By GWN on 72

With its mid-range price tag and highly enjoyable storyline, buying Jade Empire: Special Edition is certainly not a risk, but anyone looking for a good PC action game will find themselves left...

By GameZone on 93

Before the Xbox platform launched and paved way for Bioware to develop several exclusives for Microsoft, Bioware had been known as one of the best PC developers. With being the brilliant minds behind Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, they laid...

By GamePyre on 84

If you like action-oriented RPG games or are a fan of BioWare, then this game is for you. An engaging story, fast action, a fun combat system, and many choices to be made all await you in Jade Empire. I would like to see ports start going from console...

By CNET Australia on 78

The long-awaited PC version of Jade Empire retains the great story and setting of the Xbox original, but the streamlined combat and core design havent aged quite as gracefully....

By cnet on 78

Spec: Role-Playing, 1 Player, Mature

By GameSpy on 80

BioWare, the company behind classic PC RPGs like Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights, took an extraordinary risk a few years ago when it shifted its development priorities to consoles. This gamble seemed to pay off with popular, well-received Xbox...

International Review By GamePlayer on 80

Så kom det äntligen till PC, spelet där man kämpar mot en inre ondska som hotar ta makten över världsalltet och där man väljer om man ska slåss för ljuset eller gå med den mörka sida…...