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  • Funny, engaging story, Diverse cast of wacky characters, Lots of clever dialogue, Good visual style.


  • Puzzles are repetitive at times, Disappointing amount of ingame interaction.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpot on 75

Jolly Rover is a swashbuckling canine adventure full of colourful characters and plenty of...

By Gamervision on 83

With the recent revival of the point-and-click adventure genre, it’s hard to ignore the influence that some classic games have had on the more recent installments. A good example of this is Jolly Rover, an independent game for the PC and Mac...

By GameZone on 75

At first glance, Jolly Rover looks similar to the point-and-click adventure series, Monkey Island, except all of the characters have been replaced with dogs. Although Jolly Rover draws inspiration heavily from those games, it still has enough charm...

By Cheat Code Central on 80

Casual, point-and-click adventure games have gone the way of the dinosaur during the last decade. With increased visual quality and more complicated gameplay now possible, interacting with still backgrounds and watching text scroll across your screen...

International Review By GamingXP on 73

Sie stehen auf Piratenabenteuer wie „Monkey Island“? Dann könnte Sie das Piraten-Adventure „Jolly Rover“, das nun von Lace Mamba als Special Edition neu aufgelegt wurde, wie für Sie geschaffen sein. Wir haben den Titel...