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  • Sets the stage for a unique game premise.
  • Great visual and art styles.
  • Strange but captivating graphics.


  • Fragmented gameplay.
  • Controls can be difficult.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN on 62

Master Reboot's premise of a databank that stores the memories of the dead is a strong one, but at times its desire to dabble in horror weaken its exploration-based elements. Even so, its creepy ambiance and wide range of puzzles manage to carry the weaker segments, but an out-of-place final boss with timed platforming ruins the fun.

By HardcoreGamer on 70

Unfortunately, it is held back by poor first person platforming and the occasional obscure puzzle, but on the whole this a game that fans of adventure games or simply exploring an interesting world should enjoy.

By StrategyInformer on 55

I feel bad about what I've written because I can see what was intended, and the enthusiasm that went into it. However, Master Reboot is full of unfilled potential and missed opportunities. Another six months of development could have done this game a world of good.

By Strategy Informer on 55

I have to be careful here, because most of the appeal of Master Reboot is trying to figure out just what the hell is going on. The game doesn't tell you a thing at the start, just drops you in some random forest and lets you figure it out as you go....

By GameCloud on 65

In my opinion, Master Reboot has the potential for a sequel, and here is hoping that Wales Interactive can dig deep to produce a genuinely polished diamond that could one day set the standard for other indie games of the same genre.

By New Game Network on 45

Some nice ideas here and there, but Master Reboot isn't even remotely well-designed enough to take advantage of...

By Softpedia on 75

Although some elements feel out of place in the game, as well as the simple graphics and little verbal communication, it still manages to attract with the strangeness of each level and the atmosphere created by the creepy and spooky visuals.

By GameZebo on 80

That experience is a striking, unique adventure that rewards observant players with an engaging story and horror fans with an eerie, haunting playground. With a variety of puzzles and challenges to overcome and a world that is surreal-yet-logical, Master Reboot is a memory worth uploading to your Soul Cloud.

By Machinered on 65

Looking at each individual aspect of Master Reboot makes it sound like a really bad game. The truth is that in the sum of its parts, it’s actually quite a memorable experience. When first going in, there is a lot of mystery as to what is going on and finding bits of information make the whole thing even more interesting.

By TwoDashStash on 80

Overall, this game is great. When fun and challenging puzzles meets a gripping story that will scare you, you get a game that you won’t forget for a long time. If that’s for you, then I recommend Master Reboot.

By Attack of the Fanboy on 80

Master Reboot is an indie not to be overlooked, and is worth noting if you are enjoying the indie game renaissance we're in right now.

By TheSixthAxis on 60

It’s a good mixture of okay ideas, achieved through some nice presentation and a stellar idea at its heart, which makes it worthwhile if you’re really interested in that, but perhaps a reboot is required to do it justice.

By GamerChatter on 75

Master Reboot is definitely a game that should be looked into. Aesthetically pleasing, and fantastic puzzles keep the gameplay fun while an engaging story keeps players interested and wanting to explore the world more.