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  • Great amount of depth and variety.
  • Two great factions.
  • RTS gameplay is integrated well and fun to play.


  • No goods ways to learn.
  • Not enough maps.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Edge on 80

Lose badly and it’s a long loss to endure. Win well and it can feel like crushing a bug – needless and cruel. The game leading up to either of those outcomes, though, is captivating, strategic and, despite the monstrous aliens, oddly welcoming.

By New Game Network on 84

A unique and extremely engrossing asymmetrical multiplayer game, despite a lack of some of the standard multiplayer features of most modern games, with excellent gameplay variety and good...

By GameTrailers on 87

Natural Selection 2 opens up the throttle on one of the most interesting and intense multiplayer experiences you'll find on PC.

By PCGamer on 90

Evolutionary shooter that creates an involving, sometimes terrifying, tactical battle between two distinct races. Brilliant.

By EuroGamer on 80

Natural Selection 2 lives somewhere between the two, where communication becomes essential - because these aren't mindless soldiers you're dealing with, but human beings.

By GameSpot on 80

Right now it's an excellent game that taps into both the FPS and RTS markets, with plenty of varied builds and playing styles on offer. If competitive multiplayer gaming is survival of the fittest, then Natural Selection 2 is certainly fighting tooth and claw to reach the top tier.

By Destructoid on 85

Impressive efforts with a few noticeable problems holding it back. Won't astound everyone, but is worth your time and cash.

By GameSpot on 80

Engaging variety and refreshing complexity make Natural Selection 2 a supremely rewarding experience, once you come to grips with...

By PC Advisor on 80

Game mods have come and gone throughout the years, some leaving their mark while others vanish without a trace. Some mods manage to extend, improve or completely reinvent a game; ten years ago, Natural Selection did that for the Half-Life engine. The...

By TheEscapist on 80

Natural Selection 2 is a fantastic-looking FPS/RTS hybrid that's an in-depth and involved experience for those who enjoy cooperative and team-based games, although it does come with a steep learning curve that'll turn some players off to the strategic side of the game.

By GameSpy on 80

Being team commander, the sole RTS player in shooter/RTS hybrid Natural Selection 2, is kind of completely nerve-wracking. My FPS teammates on the ground didn't miss a single slip-up: "Why haven't you researched this technology? Why haven't...

By IGN on 80

Natural Selection 2 isn’t great only because it’s different, but because it does asymmetrical multiplayer so damn well, offering up a variety of experiences in one small game.

International Review By on

Tosiaikastrategioiden ja ensimmäisen persoonan räiskintöjen epäpyhää liittoa jaksetaan vuosi toisensa jälkeen yrittää, vaikka napakymppiä ei ole koskaan saavutettu. Ajatus kuitenkin...