• NecroVisioN
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  • You shoot hordes of decaying zombies, creepy demons, and hulking bosses.
  • Demonic glove makes for fun melee combat.
  • Cool occult atmosphere.


  • It takes too long to reach the good stuff.
  • A bunch of technical issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameZone on 69

So much to hope for, and some surprises that are genuinely fun, but having to deal with the slow beginning and really bad plot with voice acting can be a challenge. The last half of this game is far superior to the...

By cnet on 70

Necrovision is not a game that you should judge based solely on its first few hours of play. The early action can be great fun, but some clunky technical issues and frustrating missions dont show this supernatural first-person shooter at its best....

By GameSpot on 70

This moody alternate-history shooter can be a ton of fun--it just doesnt put its best foot forward....

By Games Radar on 60

Zombies, vampires, huge spidery things with rocket launchers attached on various places of their anatomy and one long stream of enemies to mow down with your machine guns. NecroVisioN is a dinosaur, clinging to a lot of the gaming conventions we so...

By Cheat Code Central on 74

Sometimes sincere attempts on the part of film producers and game developers alike to create experiences that are eerie, unnerving, and genuinely scary can backfire horribly. If done correctly, gruesome gore, splattering dismemberment, and unholy...

By IT Reviews on

Painkiller meets H. P. Lovecraft meets Medal of Honor in this vampire/zombie/demon bloodbath set in the Great War that goes at a breakneck pace, encourages full-on assault against huge odds and has a completely different range of weaponry and style...

By VideoGamer on 70

Impressive visuals, Fast paced, Nothing hugely original, Voice acting is...

By NowGamer on 72

Unsophisticated, but zombies are the flavour of the decade and its charm’s not lost on us. 7.2/10Print this pageUser reviews (0)Share this pageNoticed something wrong? Report error/mistake.Add to my profile pageGame...

By IGN Gear on

The history of World War I has been well-documented. Franz Ferdinand was assissinated, the Allies and Central Powers rose up and started shooting at each other and then came the undead hordes that rose from the molten underbelly of the Earths crust....

International Review By GameCaptain on 71

Ihr mögt lineare Spiele, weil ihr dann wenigstens nichts verpasst? Jede menge Monster, je größer desto besser? Waffen die ordentlich Krach machen? Die Story darf ruhig so richtig trashig sein, hauptsache es geht ordentlich rund? Falls ihr...

International Review By Clubic on

Formée par des anciens de chez 2015 (Medal Of Honor) et People Can Fly (Painkiller), The Farm 51 est encore une toute jeune équipe ce qui ne lempêche toutefois pas de mener trois projets de front. Deux dentre eux restent pour lheure mystérieux,...