• Next Life
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  • Initially fascinating "What happens when we die?" storyline, Great, artistic visuals.


  • Doesnt do enough with the ambitious plot idea, Slow pace and too many hoops to jump through when solving puzzles, Obnoxious pixel hunts are required to find key objects and exits.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 80

All in all I was impressed with Next Life. Future games did take some risks with some of the gameplay elements and I think they succeeded. I really like the player’s changing perspective of the island form day to day and I liked the panty shots...

By IGN Gear on 45

Spoiler alert: The main character dies in the first two minutes of the adventure! Its a car accident, poor chap. Instead of burning forever in the bowels of hell for answering his cell on the road, he is sent to an island to be greeted by a rag-tag...

By GameZone on 60

del.icio.us | Digg This | Glink It After a terrible accident our character finds himself in another world. Is this what happens after death? The game’s story is very intriguing indeed, but soon you find yourself in a linear game solving puzzle...

By GameSpot on 45

Tedious pace and annoying pixel hunts sabotage this surreal adventure....

By Cheat Code Central on 68

The question of where one goes when they die and what happens after this life is over is one that has probably crossed the minds of just about everyone at one point or another. It's certainly an interesting concept to explore in a video game, and in...