Nuclear Dawn

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  • Innovative design blending FPS action with handson RTS mechanics.
  • Solid balance with classes and weaponry.
  • Good variety of maps with interesting, intricate cityscape designs.


  • No solo play, bot support, or even playable tutorials.
  • Can be quite chaotic unless you're in a match with experienced players.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 83

A surprisingly deep and well-designed FPS/RTS hybrid. A Team Fortress 2 alternative that needs a community to...

By Inside Mac Games on 80

Nuclear Dawn is a new shooter/strategy hybrid developed by the Netherlands based Interwave Studios. Their only previous work seems to be a Half-Life 2 mod which makes Nuclear Dawn their first actual game. And as far as first efforts go it's impressive...

By NZGamer on 40

Nuclear dawn does something other games have tried before; blend a first-person-shooter (FPS) with a real-time Strategy (RTS) game. Unfortunately, like many of them, it has failed to form a successful merger of the genres. Nuclear Dawn is an online...

By New Game Network on 71

Genre-mixing has always been a wellspring of creativity in the video game industry. We’ve seen splashes made by notable hybrids like the “puzzle platformer” or the ”RPG shooter”. The success of titles like Bioshock and Borderlands have boosted the...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

Which originally began as a post-apocalyptic mod for the Source engine in 2006, Nuclear Dawn switched to a commercial project in 2009 aiming to provide players with an unique gameplay hybrid of FPS and RTS elements. The extended development time and...

By GameSpot on

Nuclear Dawn is an intense first-person shooter/real-time strategy hybrid that has a lot to offer when it comes to...

By FiringSquad on 80

Nuclear Dawn is a Source-based FPS/RTS hybrid, the first commercial project from Dutch indie developer InterWave Studios, aiming to offer the best of both genres without watering down either one. It follows the convention of similar titles including...

By Strategy Informer on 60

Blending real time strategy with first or third person action is a concept that’s been floating around for many years. While admittedly not commonplace, the likes of Toy Soldiers and the 1998 remake of Battlezone have proven that RTS and action...

By Game Chronicles Magazine on 72

Interwave Studios has done something interesting with their new title, Nuclear Dawn. They have somehow combined an online multiplayer FPS and RTS into a single game. The real question, though, is: did they pull it off?Ever since the online multiplayer...

International Review By on

Eri lajityyppien naittaminen keskenään on keskimäärin erittäin vaativaa puuhaa. Toisaalta, monet pelihistorian mahtavimmista tekeleistä ovat usein juuri eri genrejen risteytyksiä. Miettikääpä vaikka Deus Exiä, joka aikaanaan yhdisti räiskinnän ja...

International Review By Evilgamerz on 65

Als je een real-time strategy game aan het spelen bent ga je er normaliter blindelings vanuit dat je troepen precies doen wat jij ze opdraagt. Er wordt niet geklaagd als ze een onmogelijke taak krijgen voorgeschoteld en samenwerking tussen teamleden...

International Review By on 70

Kann sich der Mehrspielermix aus First-Person-Shooter und Echtzeitstrategie gegen die hochkarätige Konkurrenz durchsetzen?...

International Review By GameCaptain on 72

Nuclear Dawn ist ein Geheimtipp für Multiplayershootisten und RTS-Spieler. Ob dem Spiel allerdings eine lange Lebenszeit bevorsteht? Ich hab da so meine Zweifel. Zum einen gibt es bisher nur grade mal sechs Karten, an denen man sich irgendwann...