• Oil Rush
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  • Fantastic water and weather effects; a variety of units to tinker with, an efficient minimap.
  • Interesting blend of realtime strategy and tower defense, Art design creates an engrossing setting, Plenty of variety in multiplayer maps.


  • "Simplified" controls are cumbersome; campaign grows tedious, minimap dominates attention.
  • Uneven strategic gameplay, Some boring missions, One dreadful escort scenario.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on 60

A good looking strategy game set on the water, but it’s ironically lacking in depth...

By Gamers Daily News on 65

Unigine Corp. did a good job in developing Oil Rush. If it wasn’t for the terrible voice acting, wonky unit control scheme, and lacking multiplayer, this would be an amazing game. Some may say that by being able to select the percentage of units...

By GameSpy on 40

I'm sure that an RTS that completely eliminate typical unit micromanagement seemed like a good idea at the time -- and in the early levels of Oil Rush's campaign, you might be inclined to think so, too. There's a certain friendliness to this...

By Neoseeker on 70

Oil Rush can be summarized simply as a naval strategy game, but as there's a widespread lack of micromanagement and huge emphasis on capturing and defending various points, you might call it alt strategy. If you're normally terrified of the...

By GameSpot on 60

The earth is awash in water and its up to Jason Wilson to give you the review on this tower defense RTS game, Oil...

By IGN Gear on 65

Oil Rush offers a lighter style of strategy gameplay. It automates a large percentage of combat and production, challenging you to instead built turrets and manage fleet movement to capture and defend territory. The simple unit relationships and...

By PC Advisor on 70

Oil Rush is a smart and tight fusion of two very different types of strategy game - but despite all the sturm und drang of its Waterworld-esque conflicts it might just work better as a lo-fi matter of pushing shapes around a full-screen map....

By Destructoid on 80

Late last year, Anno 2070 tried to explore the post-apocalyptic setting of an Earth flooded by drastically risen sea levels, where Kevin Costner would have to drink his own filtered pee. If you just wanted a new Anno game with shinier graphics and a...

International Review By computertotaal.nl on 70

Oil Rush is een degelijke rts-game die op speelse wijze strategische knooppunten toepast. Hoewel het geclassificeerd wordt als een tower defense-game, lijkt het meer op een gelimiteerde speelstijl zoals we die kennen van Warhammer 40.000: Dawn of War...

International Review By GameCaptain on 75

Oil Rush ist eine kleine Überraschung. Ein frisches Spielkonzept, schöne Grafik und gute Bedienbarkeit sind die Pluspunkte. Dagegen sind die flache Story, wenig Abwechslung und mangelnde Einheitenvielfalt die Minuspunkte. Schwächen hat...

International Review By Evilgamerz on 71

Dat de Apocalyps eraan zit te komen moge duidelijk zijn, althans, als we de game- en filmindustrie moeten geloven. Ook over de wijze waarop de wereld ten onder zal gaan lijkt men het eens te zijn, namelijk een nucleaire oorlog. Hoe vervolgens ons...

International Review By Netzwelt on -

Eigentlich sind sogenannte Benchmarks das Metier von Entwickler Unigine - grafisch aufwendige Testprogramme, mit denen sich die Leistungsfähigkeit des eigenen PCs messen lässt. Mit "Oil Rush" veröffentlicht das internationale Team nun...

International Review By Magnus.de on -

Die Welt ist im Meer versunken, doch die Menschheit dürstet weiterhin nach Öl. Das schwarze Gold schmiert die Kriegsmaschinerien unterschiedlichster Gruppierungen - darunter auch die "Sharks". In der Kampagne von "Oil Rush" kämpft man als...