Painkiller: Resurrection

  • Painkiller: Resurrection
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  • Spooky levels play a little like Halloween funhouses.
  • Creepy monsters and heavymetal attitude.


  • Extremely unstable and packed with bugs.
  • No coop mode, despite it being a promised feature.

Expert reviews and ratings

By IGN Gear on 26

The appeal of Painkiller is simple. You walk into an area with menacing weapons and kill tons of demons. Then you move into the next area and do that same thing. Rinse and repeat, and after a bunch of severed limbs fly all over and bathtubs of blood...

By Games Radar on 50

According to the official website, Painkiller: Resurrection had “a Catholic priest advising” it and offers “painstakingly researched details” of its purgatorial setting. You have absolutely no idea how much we want to see those...

By GameSpot on 35

Painkiller: Resurrection is a buggy trip into hell....

By cnet on 35

Every loading screen in Painkiller: Resurrection is emblazoned with the tagline "Homegrown: fan_made_product." And boy, they are not kidding around. Although this slogan actually refers to the name of the developer responsible for this mess, it really...

International Review By GamerLobby on 67

Leser Was man für Painkiller – Resurrection benötigt? Wie erwartet nicht viel Hirn. Wofür auch? Dämonen sterben schließlich nicht, weil man sie zurück in die Hölle taktiert. Auch sinnloses Ballern kann Spaß...

International Review By Spieletest on 69

Schade eigentlich, das man sich noch immer auf die gleiche Grafikengine stützt. Vielleicht wird das beim nächsten Painkillerabenteuer ändern, denn Vergleiche zu den aktuellen Spielen, wie beispielsweise Far Cry 2, Crysis, oder Call of...

International Review By on

Veljet ja sisaret, te, jotka vaellatte läpi elämän jokapäiväisten askareiden tietämättä maailman todellisesta pahuudesta mitään. Pysähtykää luokseni hetkeksi ja kuulkaa vaatimaton...