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By Macworld UK on 60

This tower-defense game has got ‘iPad’ written all over it, although a search through the App Store didn’t reveal an iOS version of Prime World Defenders, so it seems to be a Mac/PC-only title at the moment. It’s enjoyable fun, and if you ramp the...

By Gaming Nexus on 80

Prime World Defenders is a lot of fun and one of the best tower defense games on the market. Its problems lie more in the lack of refinements on some great ideas. The scary thing to me is that it is “this” good and still has a lot of room for...

By Strategy Informer on 75

Prime World Defenders merges classic tower defence with card collection and deck-building for a deeply customisable strategic experience. Tower Defence games are essentially made up of a number of different puzzles that ask you to find the solution in...

International Review By on

Prime World: Defenders РазработчикNival ИздательNival Официальный сайт Дата выходаИюнь 2013 ЖанрСтратегия За последние несколько лет мы увидели множество игр, сочетающих элементы Tower defense с совершенно другими жанрами. Самым...