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  • Jumping into a match is nearly effortless.
  • Fast paced.
  • Makes you appreciate those gameloft clone shooters on the iPhone.


  • Frustrating spawn system encourages camping.
  • Broken game modes.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 40

Picture yourself playing a multiplayer online FPS in the late 90s or early 2000s, and what do you see? Perhaps it’s a sparse server browser, dominated by a couple of popular game modes with objectives that never stretch beyond killing anything that...

By GameSpot on 30

Those dedicated enough can spend time in Rekoil's map creation tool, but with an online community numbering mere dozens and dwindling, it is uncertain there will be many players to share your map with. Rekoil sets its sights on resurrecting the simple online shooter, and promptly misses its target.

By GameRevolution on 40

Unfortunately, while its developer can roll out a patch to improve its performance, it can’t roll out a patch that will increase its player-count. With that being said it is impossible to recommend Rekoil, a game which is swiftly heading towards stagnation before it ever had a chance to prove itself.

By Dealspwn on 20

If you're going to make an FPS by numbers, then you need to at least make it good. If you're going to attempt to clone Counter-Strike, you'd better be on your game. As it stands, Rekoil is a bland, buggy broken mess; but even when it's all working it has absolutely nothing to recommend it. An insult to the games upon which it is based.

By GameSpot on

It is said that first impressions are everything, and Rekoil does a fine job of reinforcing that notion. I felt excited when I booted up the shooter for the first time; a game labeled as a spiritual successor to classic shooters of old was appealing to...

By TheEscapist on 30

If one has to choose between this and Takedown: Red Sabre, get this. That's the only circumstance under which I'd recommend it, though.

By Geek out Nation on 45

What we end up with is a bland, heartless shooter that asks you to spend $14.99 for a handful of maps, unbalanced gameplay, far too many glitches, and game ending crashes. Yes, Rekoil did manage to make me think of Counter Strike, too bad that it only made me think of wanting to play that game instead.

By Mode486 on 17

Rekoil is a disappointing Call of Duty clone that gets basically nothing right and ends up being one of the worst first person shooters I've ever played. While it was hyped as a competitive twitch shooter, it is absolutely nothing like the great multiplayer FPS classics of the late 90s and early 2000s.

International Review By techtudo.com.br on 43

Rekoil está longe de ser uma obra que valha a pena gastar alguns trocados para se obter. A falta de inovação e desafio, aliados a uma jogabilidade e proposta clichês podem fazer com que muitos gamers pensem duas vezes antes de adquirir o jogo.Qual o...

International Review By in.ign.com on 30

There's no excuse in releasing a game that's held together by good intentions. There was more to the classic shooters than speedy movement and accurate guns, which is just about all Rekoil has going for it. The rest is a mess of bugs and bad design...