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  • Gorgeous soundtrack.
  • A fun roguelike platformer with a unique approach.
  • Audio and visuals are charming, and the setting is enticing.


  • A little buggy in places.
  • Some smaller balancing issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 80

Risk Of Rain might look a little rough'n'ready, but it's got it where it counts. Smart, challenging and tactical, but with all the instant cheer of a 90s run'n'gun game.

By PC Advisor on 80

A superficial glance at last year's gaming headlines might suggest 2013 was the year of new consoles. Not a bit of it - the big gaming shift last year was a resurgence of roguelikes and their offspring - games based around the concept (and join...

By Polygon on 85

I even experienced a couple of hard crashes. In a game like this, a crash can cost as much as an hour or two of work; if you're far along in a run that's going really well, it's devastating.

By EuroGamer on 80

You can always go online with friends and enjoy the game's robust co-op mode. And starting that new game is always so appealing because of the slow opening. You're free to warm up, to find your first few items, and see where this game is going, before things slowly accelerate into panic, dread and near-inevitable death. Lovely!

By GamePlay on 90

On the whole, it’s great to see a very promising beta grow into an even better full release, and to see that my recommendation still stands. With that, I encourage you to go and play the demo and ultimately buy the game. It’s absolutely worth the asking price and more.

By GameSpot on 80

Risk of Rain is highly enjoyable, and with constant rewards of new items and character classes, it's hard to put down once you start. Even as I watched the last of the end credits roll by, I wiped the sweat from my brow and jumped back into the fray: I have an item log that still needs to be filled.

By TwInfinite on 80

Risk of Rain is a fantastically deep roguelike that excels at offering you opportunities for success but only if you’re willing to take them for yourself. It’s really amazing how balanced this game feels despite its difficulty.

By CheatMasters on 85

But if you are one of those who is still interested despite that, then you’ll find it Risk of Rain to be both challenging and engaging.

By MashThoseButtons on 82

You can literally see how much trouble you’re in, and all while taking the in the splendor of some beautiful pixel-art vistas. Doing all this while listening to some great tracks really turned it into an amazing package, so if you want to blast some aliens on a dangerous world, your wallet should be in your hand this instant.

By GamingTrend on 85

At $9.99 brand new in the Steam Store, this is a game for anyone who loves both platformer style gameplay with a Roguelike element, and a worthy addition to any indie fan’s library. Pick it up and get ready for a whole lot of fun and the good kind of gameplay frustration.

By GameInformer on 75

I was ready to curse more than once after big screw up or a series of unfortunate mishaps sent me to the game over screen. Risk of Rain might appeal to gamers who thrill over the challenge set forth by games like Demon’s Souls or FTL: Faster Than Light, but the uninitiated will find Risk of Rain hard to approach.

By New Game Network on 64

One of the better games currently inhabiting the discarded skin of the roguelike. Doesn't do anything particularly mind-blowing, but it's definitely fun while it...

By Metadragon DE on 85

It doesn’t matter if you are playing by yourself or with some friends: grab this game and play a few hours - preferably using a gamepad - and you won’t be disappointed. “Risk of Rain” is one of the most surprising and fresh attempts at action-plattforming in the last months and it is well-worth your time.

By Co-Optimus on 95

The unlockable items and challenges will keep even the most hardcore busy, but it is really all about grabbing a group of space travellers and dying over and over again.

By TheIndieMine on 80

Risk of Rain doesn’t bother to hide the fact that it wants you, your family and everyone you’ve ever known to suffer, and ultimately that’s its main attraction and what makes it a worthwhile entry to the roguelike genre. Despite a few minor issues with levels and character unlocks, Risk of Rain is...

By GameSpot on

Risk of Rain is the kind of game that speaks to the compulsive hoarder inside all of us. You travel through teleportation gates as you seek out your lost vessel, collecting its scattered cargo along the way. But you're not wasting time collecting...

By TechAU on 85

Risk of Rain is a refreshingly unique Roguelike title, held back by some minor nuances that some players might find disconcerting. With more polish and patching, this could be a highly renowned title, but as it stands now it’s still a wonderful game.

By TheGameCavern on 80

More items would be nice too but they already have a pretty good collection available right now. While there are some glitches and performance problems which may cause some hiccups in your enjoyment, I am overall very pleased with my $9.99 purchase.

By Destructoid on 70

Though it is held back by its technical faults (which can be reasonably expected from a project created by two students), it has the right stuff to elicit the "just one more run" response that roguelike games are known for. With a little more polish, it could be truly great, but as it is now, it's still totally worth checking out.