Runespell: Overture

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  • Novel pokerbased combat; rich story and characters; excellent visuals and soundtrack.


  • Little gameplay variation; story ends abruptly; suffers from an overreliance on random elements.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 80

Balancing elements of poker and solitaire card play with RPG powers adds up to a thoroughly engrossing combat exercise. The overall campaign and decently scripted storyline is a bonus, too. Yes, luck can turn battles, but then, luck can turn poker. As...

By PC Advisor on 60

PROS: Novel poker-based combat; rich story and characters; excellent visuals and soundtrack. CONS: Little gameplay variation; story ends abruptly; suffers from an over-reliance on random elements....

By GamePro on 60

Though Runespell: Overture may look like Puzzle Quest with poker, it... well, it is Puzzle Quest with poker. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing.Runespell: Overture is the latest game to emerge from the trend of infusing an RPG with puzzle DNA....

By Gameplay Monthly on 75

The game-play is well balanced with the style presented. There will never be a fight which can’t be beaten with a little planning in the abilities and some raw attacking. Runespell is a well crafted puzzle game that serves as a fine alternative to...

By on 65

Runespell Overture delivers an interesting and fun variation of a traditional card game and turns it into a competitive puzzle with myriad nuances to its strategy. Unfortunately, it doesn't do enough to keep the variation fresh throughout. Runespells...

By NZGamer on 78

It was one of those slow days in the offices of We were all arguing the merits of the latest console controllers and we were at the stage where bets were being made and the older team members were starting to reminisce about joysticks....

By Diehard GameFAN on 100

Runespell: Overture is a surprise that came out of nowhere, and is a fun, addictive game that I got hooked on so badly I started dreaming of Mythic Poker in my sleep. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes poker or interesting games in general. Matt...

By Cheat Code Central on 82

Card games like Solitaire can be good ways to kill time when you're stuck behind a computer. So long as your boss isn't looking, that is. As addictive as they can be, they generally don't offer any sort of character or story advancement. Runespell:...

By Neoseeker on 70

You'd think smashing together RPG and strategy elements with a card game would result in a confusing, annoying mess, but new developer Mystic Box have pulled it off with Runespell: Overture, their very first title. Poker with a twistThe core of...

International Review By on 70

Så det endelige spørsmålet blir – Har Runespell: Overture gode nok spillmekanikker til å gjøre det til et morsomt og interessant strategispill? Svaret er ja, men ikke med stor margin. «Mythic Poker» er både gøy og krevende, men etter hvert som du...