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  • Great superpowers.
  • Over-the-top humor.
  • Character editor.


  • Overpowered abilities.
  • Recycled content.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Authority on 83

The evolution of Saint's Row as a franchise has been fascinating, moving from GTA clone to a game that has found its own way, and is incredibly comfortable in its own skin. Saint's Row IV quite consciously has its tongue planted firmly in cheek, and the...

By HardOCP on

In this evaluation we are going to look at image quality and performance in Saints Row IV . We are not going to be evaluating the gameplay, or the storyline. We all know this game is fun, and should be played for its gameplay and story, in fact we...

By on 70

For the second time this year I find myself reviewing a game that opens with an homage to the helicopter scene in Predator, complete once again with Little Richard belting out Long Tall Sally. Similarities with Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon end there, but it...

By on 80

When you're playing as the super-powered President of the United States, leaping over buildings and picking up alien invaders with your mind before launching them halfway across the city, all while dressed as a hot dog and listening to Stan Bush's...

By PC Advisor on 80

With the chest-thumping GTA V preparing to take over the world next week, now seems like exactly the right time to cleanse the palate with the latest instalment of its sometime rival , Saints Row. While driving cars and clobbering passers-by is both...

By Techgage on

The Boss of the Saints has achieved much since we last played him/her in Saints Row: The Third , having stopped a terrorist plot to nuke America and then becoming the President. These achievements are quickly overshadowed when the world is invaded by...

By Overclockers Club on

Is it worth connecting to the simulation, or should Saints Row IV be left to the mercy of the Zin Empire? Definitely the former. It is a very fun game that is well designed to make everything it offers work well together. Some areas could still use some...

By TrustedReviews on 80

You might not like it, and you might not like to admit it, but Saints Row 4 is the first Saints Row that’s as entertaining as it thinks it is. Only the most po-faced gamer would deny it its moment in the sun.

By on

Saints Row IV is the video game equivalent of an action movie. It's not a summer blockbuster like Pacific Rim or Avatar , in which everyday people rise to the rank of hero. It's more analogous to such tongue-in-cheek action films as Crank , Shoot 'Em Up!...

By VR-Zone on 90

Developer: Volition Publisher: Deep Silver Release Date: Aug. 20, 2013 Platform: Xbox 360, PS3 & PC Genre: Third-Person Action, Open-World MSRP: $59.99Just when you thought the Saints Row games couldn't get any zanier, The Third Street Saints return in a...

By on 90

When all is said and done, I fell in love with Saints Row IV in a really big way. I enjoyed Saints Row the Third, and I figured this game would be nothing more than a fun distraction from an otherwise crowded and stellar fall...

By GameSpot on 75

Saints Row IV owes a lot to games like Crackdown and Prototype, but the absurd humor that infuses every aspect of this game gives it an identity all its own. The simulated city of Steelport doesn't offer deep gameplay or the most satisfying challenge, but it is a great place to mess around.

By EuroGamer on 80

Saints Row 4 may lack refinement - nothing thwarts a superhero quite so frequently as an overhanging roof or your homies standing in a doorway - but it compensates with sheer exuberance. It's a heartfelt love letter to the superhero genre and to a medium that makes such madness possible. There's a fine art to being this gloriously dumb...

By TheEscapist on 100

All put together, Saints Row IV is a fantastic game, keeping up the series' tradition of giving players a wide open world and the tools to go absolutely bonkers within it. It's hilarious, it's action-packed, and most of all, its fun to play.

By Joystiq on 100

I was worried that Saints Row 4 would never be able to live up to Saints Row: The Third, that its status as an expansion-turned-full-game would translate to a sloppy experience built on filler and same-y gameplay. Thankfully, Volition's skill for building a living world, lovable characters and ingenious gameplay is as sharply honed as ever.

By Forbes on 75

I understand THQ’s combustion is probably somewhat to blame for the Saints Row IV not taking as many steps forward as it should. Therefore, I’m definitely looking forward to more from the series on the next generation of consoles which will hopefully allow for a more robust, less recycled sequel.

By PCGamer on 90

Saints Row was born of Grand Theft Auto, but although both feature open cities and freeform violence, they’ve diverged. Grand Theft Auto is desperate to be a film, to be satire, to be an experience. Saints Row IV wants to be a game, and by showing its heartfelt love for the medium, it’s become something wonderful.

By Kotaku on

I can forgive SRIV its grievances because, ultimately, I don’t care what the game has me doing-racing, destroying, hijacking, hacking for the thousandth time. As long as I can customize my character to my heart’s desire, shoot my overpowered guns to infinity, and make things explode with my superpowers while bonding with my eclectic...

By GameFront on 93

But these are small things, considering how much fun this thing is. Midway through the game, one characters asks The Boss “you’re easily bored, aren’t you?”, to which the boss says “I don’t know, I’m too busy being awesome to notice.” Saints Row IV is all at once puerile, profane and touching, but mainly, it’s too busy being awesome for you to ever get bored. Seriously, buy this f*cking game.

By GamingTrend on 86

As a game reviewer, I don’t often get to spend a great deal of time finding all of the “pieces of candy” in a game, so when I spend the extra time, it means something. If you like your sociopathic fun somewhere beyond the intersection of insane and unapologetic, you’ll love Saints Row IV.