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  • Killing thousands of enemies never gets old.
  • Frenzied, fastpaced gameplay.
  • Incredibly creative weapons and enemies.


  • Coop matches are hit or miss.
  • Singleplayer campaign is a bit too short.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Good Gear Guide on 70

Long before Gears of Wars Horde Mode and Left 4 Dead’s frantic army of the undead, there was Serious Sam and the unending hordes that he battled his way through. Serious Sam wasn’t the best FPS ever created, but it was an unabashed...

By Tech2 on 80

I’m not much of an Old School gamer but there are a few franchises that can bring a nostalgic tear to my eye. Serious Sam is most definitely one of them. This game was instrumental in bringing about a serious change (see what I did there?) to the...

By Play TM on 80

What's Serious Sam like in HD? Well, it's like Serious Sam. It plays exactly, and unapologetically, like the 2001 original. Croatian developers Croteam are confident that this, along with the engine's new jinglier bells and noisier whistles,...

By IGN Gear on 75

If you're tired of all the sophistication and nuance in modern first-person shooters, you may want to take a trip back to simpler times with Serious Sam HD. There is no cover system; no elaborate story; no characters to care about. What it does have...

By GamePro on 70

Long before Gears of Wars Horde Mode and Left 4 Dead's frantic army of the undead, there was Serious Sam and the unending hordes that he battled his way through. Serious Sam wasn't the best FPS ever created, but it was an unabashed celebration...

By 1Up on 75

Serious Sam caused something of a murmur when it burst upon the FPS scene back in the early 2000's. Even back then, the FPS genre had backed away, bit by bit, from the balls-to-the-wall insanity of early genre heavyweights like Doom and Duke Nukem...

By Destructoid on 80

Screw Duke Nukem. Sam "Serious" Stone is the real king of first-person-shooter meatheads and if anybody deserved to make a triumphant comeback, it was him. Sure, Sam may not be quite as high profile, and his games may not be quite as refined, but at...

By VideoGamer on 70

Enemy designs are barmy, Still great fun, Encounters are very scripted, Feels a little dated these...

By Armchair Empire on 80

Having written an article some months back on games that deserve a remake, and how best to go about it, it seems strangely appropriate that this title should fall into my lap. When first came out, I was still a devoted fan of the series, and very...

International Review By GamerLobby on 74

Rene Auch heute steht Serious Sam für eine kompromisslose Baller – Orgie, die kaum Verstand, dafür aber schnelle Reaktionen fordert und euch zumindest einige Stunden unterhält.Für 20 € mag ein Remake ohne spielerische...

International Review By I Am Gamer on 79

Sam „Serious“ Stone ist wieder da und zwar in High Definition! Croteam hat dem Shooterhelden Serious Sam einer Frischzellenkur unterzogen und den ersten Teil aus dem Jahre 2001 mit zeitgemäßer Grafik erneut auf den Markt gebracht....

International Review By GameCaptain on 67

Serious Sam ist und war schon immer ehrlicher, schnörkelloser Ballerspaß ohne Anspruch. Wer Funshooter dieser Art mag oder gar ein Fan des Originals ist, wird wohl auch mit dem Remake seinen Spaß (besonders im nach wie vor launigen Koop)...

International Review By OnlineWelten on 49

Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter ist ein reinrassiger Anachronismus, der nicht so recht in unsere Zeit passt. Das Gameplay ist auf die nötigsten Elemente reduziert und die sprichwörtlichen Heerscharen an Monstern sorgen dafür, dass dem...

International Review By GamingXP on 73

Mich persönlich kann „Serious Sam HD“ nicht wirklich begeistern. Kein Wunder, konnte ich doch auch mit dem Original nicht wirklich etwas anfangen. Wer dies hingegen konnte, dem dürfte die Investition der knapp zwanzig Euro einige...