• Shank 2
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  • Quick combo-heavy combat.
  • Fun coop Survival mode.
  • Eyecatching visual style.


  • Removal of fun features from the original.
  • Flat levels discourage platforming.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 62

Shank 2 is a game with no surprises. From the very title, one expects an over-the-top gore-fest of a game, possibly featuring an assortment of sharp implements of destruction and mayhem. And, in fact, that's exactly what we get. Filled with cartoony...

By Gamers Daily News on 75

As a fan of the original, Shank 2 is not at all what I hoped it would be. Graphically it is still the comic book style art that I loved from the first one. On the audio front, it seems to be right on par with Shank 1. However, the game no longer feels...

By Strategy Informer on 60

The most striking thing about the first Shank, an old-school 2D shoot-and-slash ‘em up for downloadable services, was how it looked. Smooth, crisp and downright beautiful 2D animation was the star of the show, but the way the game actually played...

By GameSpot on 60

Shank, much like the tool it was named after, was a quick and bloody game. There certainly were some rough edges to work out, but it was still an effective brawler in its own right. The sequel doesn't stray far from the path set out by its...

By 1Up on 88

I was sold on the original Shank in about 30 seconds; from seeing the main character linking combos, moving like an acrobat, and grinning in his half-cute/half-sadistically violent yet incredibly clean art style. As long as the developers didn't...

By Cheat Code Central on 78

Shank was an awesome 2D action game that made a splash on the downloadable market last year. Made by Klei Entertainment, it paid homage to old grindhouse exploitation movies that sold themselves on action and violence before plot. Shank 2 is pretty...

By Armchair Empire on 80

There's a certain level of nostalgia at work in Shank 2. All those 2D and 3D side-scrolling beat 'em ups from the days when arcades dominated the gaming scene are somehow encapsulated in Shank 2, a violent cartoon world filled with shot-gunned...

By IGN Gear on 85

The core of the first game remains intact, of course -- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? -- but Shank 2 is the embodiment of grand change on a small scale. Developer Klei was aggressive about smoothing rougher edges, and the minor...