SimCity: Societies - Destinations

  • SimCity: Societies - Destinations
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  • Tourists and attractions deepen the core gameplay.
  • Strategy mode provides some nice challenges.
  • New disasters, buildings, and events.


  • Relationships between social energies and structures are still arbitrary.
  • On the simple side.

Expert reviews and ratings

By AsiaOne on

By Eugene NeubronnerFor the millions around the world hooked on The Sims, SimCity Societies was like an expanded sandbox, allowing players to create themed cities in a simple but structured manner.For example, players can choose to make their cities...

By Games Radar on 50

Since the disappointing SimCity Societies was released last year, a lot of changes have appeared in various updates. Many have significantly improved the core game, and addressed the reasons why it scored so poorly. Yet a number of important issues...

By IGN Gear on 67

Expansion reviews can sometimes be a bit predictable. In 90-percent of cases you can predict that youll like or hate the expansion based on whether you like or hate the core game. But SimCity Societies: Destinations is a bit different. While it...

By GameSpot on 70

This expansion to last years underwhelming city builder is surprisingly good and makes a number of important improvements....

By GameZone on 78

Destinations does a nice job with the packaging. The disk GameZone received was a rather robust version, with all the Societies’ updates and the new content. What is included here is fine, but it seems that Societies is heading in the same...

By 1Up on 81

Remember the Sims 2: Bon Voyage expansion? Apparently, SimCity: Societies' dev team shared a Coke and a smile with Bon Voyage's dev team, because the new Societies expansion, Destinations, is Bon Voyage from the other side of the mirror....

By IGN Gear on

Like some other gamers, we felt that SimCity Societies lacked the more directed challenges of previous games in the series. Though we appreciated the unique energy concepts and the overall visual appeal of the game, we still felt that something was...