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Experience the fear all over again. The Arrival features true survival horror gameplay; forcing players to explore human emotions in an unsettling, haunting world. This is a game about survival - use your instincts to get out alive.

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By on 70

I don't have much time for the paranormal, but the great/alarming thing about gaming is that sometimes world views simply don't matter. Slender: The Arrival clearly adopts this as its mantra and is a more spine tingling and terrifying digital experience...

By Strategy Informer on 60

Slender: The Eight Pages was a free game experiment that took the internet by storm last year. Based on the internet-created “myth” of the Slender Man, it was a terrifying little game set in the woods at night where, armed only with a flashlight,...

By PCWorld on 60

This leaves Slender: The Arrival in a lonely place. It's better than the original, but it lacks that title's simplicity and focus, not to mention its free price. The extras help liven up the action, but not so much that the game is transformed into a new experience. Slender fans will enjoy what is certainly the most polished game devoted to the mythos to date...

By PC World on 60

Slender: The Arrival is reasonably scary horror gaming at a questionable price...

By PCGamer on 65

It’s all about your first playthrough, and it’s just about cheap enough to justify that scare. Suspend your disbelief and flick off the lights and you’ll find a horror game that’s light on game, but tall on tension.

By EuroGamer on 80

But it masterfully uses these tricks to tap into honest truths: a fear of the dark that lurks somewhere in every person, the terror of being pursued and the horror of being caught.

By IGN on 65

Slender delivers some legitimate scares, but ultimately crumbles under its own weight.

By OrdinaryGamer UK on

This game terrifies me more than Amnesia.

By GameFront on 75

Expanding on the ideas first presented in Slender: The Eight Pages, The Arrival adds story and even more scares, but fails to diversify gameplay.

By DustyCartridge on 65

To be fair, The Arrival, much like its predecessor Slender: The Eight Pages is initially very, very frightening. The game managed to terrify the bejeezus out of me during my initial playthrough because of the game’s effective minimalist design, which emphasized on creating an atmosphere of uneasiness and terror through sound effects and the antagonist’s unpredictable movements.

By GameTrailers on 61

There are a handful of stand-out moments, though, and those who played and enjoyed Eight Pages will certainly find this expanded vision an improved and more complete experience. But if you aren’t willing to endure repetition and a few immersion-breaking flaws, you’d best save your fright for another night.

By DigitalSpy on 60

The Arrival is worth experiencing if you're craving some really good scares. As a game, it falls a little flat with its repetitive nature and short length, but play it with the lights dimmed and you will have some memorable moments by the end.

By GameSpot on 85

The survival horror genre gets another gem in the form of Slender: The Arrival, one of the most terrifying games in recent memory....

By VideoGamer on 40

Slender: The Arrival review: There's almost certainly a great horror experience somewhere in all this Slender Man mythos but this isn't it. This is glorified Pac-Man in the dark.

By CraveOnline on 80

While I hope that future iterations in the series will introduce some new gameplay elements, for the time being I'm still enamoured with the core concept of Slender, and I'm therefore more than satisfied with what Hadley & co. have delivered. A must-play for fans of the survival-horror genre.

By TheEscapist on 90

Slender: The Arrival is a significant improvement over Parsec Production's original game, featuring a much more robust narrative, and a darker, more foreboding atmosphere. You may have mixed feelings about its brevity and the repetitive mechanics, but it's certainly a well-built game that, above all, is scary to play.

International Review By on 80

Se você gosta de games de terror, Slender: The Arrival irá se tornar facilmente um de seus jogos prediletos. O título é assustador e rende os melhores sustos desde Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Com uma atmosfera aterrorizante e evidente qualidade nos...

International Review By Skillpoint on 60

Dagsljus? Ett välkommet inslag på min ära. Jag promenerar ner för en sluttning medan vegetationen rofyllt vajar i vinden. Solen skiner och fåglarna kvittrar. Det känns nästan som en liten avslappnande skogsvandring mer än ett skräckspel. Snart kommer...

International Review By on

Video review: Korku oyunu meraklılarına müjde! Slender The Game'in yapımcıları tarafından geliştirilen Slender: The Arrival satışa sunuldu. Sizler için test ettiğimiz oyunun incelemesine mutlaka göz...