Sniper Elite V2

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  • Fun and creative multiplayer modes.
  • Looks pretty good.
  • X-ray kill cam is cool.


  • Linear single-player campaign.
  • Audio tech issues.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Gamer on 65

Tactical systems and satisfying ballistics marred by irritating levels and punishing sight-detection by the...

By Atomic MPC on -

Probably a bit too much ballistic detail... but still...

By PC Authority on 67

Sniper Elite V2's one of those stealthy games – in more ways than one – that seems to have achieved a fair amount of commercial success without first getting the usual critical sell via giant marketing campaigns and gushing reviews. In a lot of ways,...

By NZGamer on -

in 2005, Rebellion released a third-person shooter called Sniper Elite. It was more of a simulator than what you might expect to find in your more typical shooter, similar to Bohemia Interactive’s Arma, or Codemasters' Operation Flashpoint...

By Strategy Informer on 65

As a one-trick pony with a premise that’s covered entirely by the title alone, Rebellion’s Sniper Elite V2 sets about its business in a workmanlike and fairly uninspired fashion. From the overly-familiar World War 2 setting through to uneven (and at...

By Tech2 on 75

Contrary to what modern-day multiplayer games may make you think, snipers aren’t just a bunch of campers. They may not lead an assault, but relying primarily on stealth, they infiltrate enemy lines, hunting their prey from a distance. Choosing a...

By New Game Network on 68

The original Sniper Elite from 2005 was an interesting experiment. It was a title that managed to find a niche in the third person shooter genre, which usually caters to wide audiences. Seven years later, the unimaginatively named Sniper Elite V2 has...

By GameSpy on 60

There are moments where Sniper Elite V2 nails what (I assume) it feels like to be a badass sniper behind enemy lines in World War II. Like sitting in a church tower, picking off enemy soldiers one at a time, and masking rifle shots to coincide with...

By GameSpot on 60

There are many challenges that await the virtual sniper. Infiltrating an area undetected, stalking your prey, and acquiring an uninterrupted line of sight--the tension of the hunt. Picking off targets, moving to a new position, setting traps, and...

By Cheat Code Central on 60

Sniping is whole different beast from other styles of first-person shooting. While shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and even pistols merely offer different takes on running onto the battlefield and hoping to shoot your enemy before he shoots you,...

International Review By on -

Огромный потенциал, изначально заложенный в Sniper Elite V2, так и не был раскрыт разработчиками. Однако развитый кооператив и оригинальный мультиплеер несомненно подстегнут интерес к игре. Охота на мелкую дичь Изначально предполагалось, что новая Sniper...

International Review By on -

Опять гремит вокруг нас Вторая мировая. Разрушенные города перемежаются относительно пасторальными пейзажами, утыканными военной техникой. Кругом, ясное дело, фашисты. Наша задача – использовать все имеющиеся в нашем распоряжении средства, для того чтобы...

International Review By on -

İlk oyununun üzerinden geçen yedi yıl sonra yeniden Sniper Elite V2 ile keskin nişancı olacağız. Belki de olunabilecek en güzel yerde; ikinci dünya savaşında. Rusya ve Almanya arasındaki bu amansız mücadelede Karl Fairburne ile savaşın tam ortasında...

International Review By Eurogamer on 60

Sniper Elite kender sin egne begrænsninger, og med det mener jeg at spillet kender sit publikum. Det er ikke ude efter at lokke pedantiske historikere med en præcis 2. Verdenskrigs-simulation. Ej heller er det ude efter at tilfredsstille...

International Review By on 75

von Stephan Petersen "Zweiter Weltkrieg? Lahm!" - das würde ich so unterschreiben, wenn es sich um einen Ego-Shooter handeln würde. In allen anderen Genres, vor allem im Strategie-Bereich, finde ich das Thema nach wie vor interessant. Auch in Sniper...