• Spelunky
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  • Rewarding exploration.
  • Satisfying difficulty.
  • Daily challenges.


  • Difficult learning curve.

Expert reviews and ratings

By micromart.co.uk on 90

The indie PC gaming scene at present has so much talent on offer it's often hard to pick out one title from the many – one that goes above and beyond the call of duty. We think Spelunky, from developer Derek Yu, has hit the proverbial nail on the head...

By PCGamer on 96

Spelunky’s moving parts are simple – the free version was built using the entry-level game development tool, Game Maker – but they click together in ways smart enough that they’ve kept me joyfully exploring its depths for years, without ever reaching the bottom. You don’t need to be careful about this. Just buy it.

By PC World on 100

Spelunky is a brilliant indie game that respects your abilities and your time. Everyone should play...

By GameSpot on 85

Completing the tunnel man's tasks teaches you the myriad ways to experience this adventure, so the shortcuts serve as a teaching tool in addition to delivering a tangible reward. The best lesson you can learn is to be humble. As Spelunky proves, hubris spells the doom of many a greedy explorer.

By GameSpot on 85

As Spelunky makes it way to the PC, the rewards and dangers are just as alluring as they were one year...

By PCAdvisor on 90

Glorious, both in terms of charm and how well-designed this cave-based survival escapade is. Spelunky is comfortably one of the best games of the decade.

By HardcoreGamer on 90

Those who missed out on the XBLA release of Spelunky and want a good tough rogue-like should pick it up from Steam. It’s a little more based on reflexes than most rogue-likes, but even if you find out you’re not that good at it, it is still a riot to watch friends try to get as far as the can before making the wrong step and getting crushed by a boulder.

By EuroGamer on 100

It makes me slightly sad to see, because the rest of Spelunky is my perfect game - a creation of rare crystal clarity that sparkles from every angle. I think I could play Spelunky forever, and now that it has come home to PC, assuring its permanence, I believe I will.

By IGN on 90

This is a superb 2D platformer that’s as easy to hate as it is to love, and your patience for punishment will be the determining factor. Players who live to overcome abusive challenges and obsess over discovering new things will hunger for Spelunky's deeply rewarding exploration.

By GiantBomb on 80

In this regard, Spelunky is less a game than an obsession. If it does get its hooks in you, it will get those hooks deep, sending you into a downward spiral of torrential swearing and tear-choked misery the likes of which you may never completely recover from. And I mean that as a compliment.