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By New Game Network on 82

STASIS is a smart, compelling, and legitimately scary...

By Blogcritics on 90

The gaming industry is in an interesting place right now. Games are being developed by small independent studios and by huge AAA studios, both providing great interactive experiences. The rise of Kickstarter and Early Access on Steam has given smaller...

By Destructoid on 85

Generally, I tend to avoid both adventure and horror games, which makes my attraction to STASIS a bit perplexing, since it's both of these things. I've been invested in the game's development for years, anticipating its release. A big part of that was...

By Destructoid on

More sci-fi horror games? Sign us up.This one, Stasis , was made possible thanks to crowdfunding . It's an isometric point-and-click adventure game with shades of Event Horizon cue mental images of a sliced-up Sam Neill.Ahead of the August 31 launch on...

International Review By on 87

Creemos poder decir sin temor a equivocarnos que estamos ante uno de los mejores títulos de terror que tendremos la posibilidad de disfrutar en este 2015. Stasis combina a la perfección mecánicas de survival horror y sus grandes escenarios, aventuras...

International Review By on 90

It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to be soaking up the atmosphere on a distant planet, kicking back and relaxing. Instead, you've woken up and found yourself a few unbroken ribs shy of a healthy heart rate.Also, your family is...

International Review By Eurogamer on

af Christian Mogensen Publiceret 18/09/2015 STASIS er et klassisk point-and-click-spil; umiddelbart en genre, der havde sin storhedstid i 90'erne, men sidenhen kun har kunnet præstere enkelte hits så som Syberia, Resonance, og Deponia. STASIS gør...

International Review By on

Человек приходит в себя в стазис-капсуле неизвестного корабля не понимая как он здесь оказался как его зовут и куда делись все люди. На стенах – кровавые отпечатки ладоней на полу – лужа непонятной субстанции за стенами слышатся странные звуки. Так...

International Review By on

Benjamin Danneberg: Wichtig an einer guten Geschichte ist, dass der Spieler das Gefühl hat, dass alles mit rechten Dingen zugeht. Die Stasis-Story fängt gut an und säuft mit zunehmender Spieldauer wie eine Blei-Ente ab. Ich könnte mich seitenlang über...