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  • Slick graphics.
  • Complex battle arenas.
  • Hardcore players will enjoy the challenge.


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Crashing into structures can be frustrating.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Strategy Informer on 80

Strike Vector is best described as an aerial arena-based shooter in which a selection of ridiculously quick futuristic spacecraft do battle with each other for territory or kills. If you think of an old-school title like Descent and cross it with...

By IGN on 77

Strike Vector is a good online dogfighting shooter with floating industrial levels that look great. The developers - aptly named Ragequit - focused on the big picture, which is wonderfully captured dogfights between megabots, but they've neglected to tie all its complex pieces together with a useful tutorial.

By Polygon on 70

It's impressive that a small team has managed such a successfully punishing arena shooter in 2014. Strike Vector is fast, mechanically sophisticated and fun. I enjoyed my time with it, but it's not sitting at the forefront of my mind the way other more involved shooters have. As successful as it can be in flight, Ragequit can't quite stick the landing.

By GameSpot on 70

Each time you quit the game, an exit splash screen reminds you that future content is free, and the first such drop is promised for February 28. I'll fill the time until then learning how to stop crashing into the very pretty walls.

By GameSpot on

Strike Vector is a terrible name. It's an ugly, meaningless pairing of words, vaguely aggressive and speciously technical. What does it tell about the experience in this multiplayer sci-fi dogfighter? Presumably, things will be struck. Usually walls, as...

By PCGamer on 70

I play a lot of shooters, and most of them have left me kind of numb lately, so Strike Vector was worth my time for its novel concepts alone. It looks amazing, and while I lose far more than I win, those wins are satisfying enough to keep me coming back for more punishment. I hope Ragequit brings order to the disarray surrounding the combat, which deserves to be experienced.

By SpazioGames on 85

Strike Vector è un titolo un po' rozzo, dotato di contenuti limitatissimi e solo competitivo, ma, se aspettavate da anni un arena shooter fatto come si deve, potete finalmente smettere di cercare. Il titolo Ragequit ha un sistema di controllo stratosferico.

By HookedGamers on 65

Those who excel at this game will find it an addictive rush. Everyone else, however, will be left in the dust, baffled and overwhelmed by the punishing difficulty and the general lack of reward.

By TPReview on 90

Anyone interested in competitive shooters at all should give it a look as for £18.99 you’re getting one of the most refreshing and exciting games we’ve ever played. Hopefully the devs will stay true to their word and keep the new content coming.

By KillScreen on 63

But Strike Vector will not hold your hand or really clue you in on anything; all that physicality and beauty will be used to show you spiraling out of control and into some floating oil tanker.

By ZGiochi on 80

La mancanza di tutorial adeguati ed il numero non elevatissimo di contenuti potrebbero un po' spaventare, ma se avrete voglia e coraggio di accettare la sfida di Strike Vector vi troverete un gioco in grado di darvi enormi soddisfazioni e svariate ore di divertimento.

By EveryEye on 80

Già così, in ogni caso, Strike Vector rappresenta un'offerta unica nel suo genere, assolutamente da considerare per tutti coloro che desiderino un'esperienza competitiva veloce, bilanciata e dannatamente difficile.

By Softpedia on 75

Strike Vector is a solid design and it remains to be seen whether there are enough fans of its mix of mechanics to make it a success in the long term.

International Review By on

Запуская Strike Vector в первый раз, ожидаешь увидеть взрывную смесь из Quake III, Unreal Tournament и первых частей Descent. Вместо этого ты попадаешь прямиком в кухонный блендер, в котором хаотически кружат ракеты, картечь, разряды плазмы и вражеские...

International Review By on 70

Strike Vector impressiona pelo conceito simples, porém bem executado. Para um jogo indie, o game esbanja um visual impressionante. O design dos vector é muito bonito. A jogabilidade é um pouco caótica no começo e leva um tempo até se acostumar. Parte...