The Night of the Rabbit

  • The Night of the Rabbit
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  • Gorgeous graphics and animation.
  • Intelligent, charming hero.
  • Great dialogue.


  • Weak ending.
  • Occasional rage-inducing puzzles.

Expert reviews and ratings

By GameSpot on 70

The Night of the Rabbit really shines, carefully weaving an excellent score, solid voice work, great characters, and terrific art direction together to create something special. By tapping the different understandings of life that come with age and wisdom, this adventure tells a charming tale of curiosity and creativity.

By GameSpot on 70

The Night of the Rabbit is a beautiful adventure with only a few pacing and puzzle quirks to trip you up along the...

By Gaming Nexus on 85

Night of the Rabbit faithfully follows the tried and true traditions of the adventure game genre while leveraging modern technologies in a very well produced game. Appropriate for the entire family and providing a compelling, well-written story, this...

By GamingBolt on 80

Night of the Rabbit is a great adventure game with a few frustrating puzzle elements. Other than that the game's presentation is fantastic and it's one of the better adventure games out there on the market.

By CasualGameplay on 80

The Night of the Rabbit is a typically well-produced addition to their resumé. Other adventure games may be less unwieldy but few are endowed with this much atmosphere. While its poor pacing frequently tried our patience, The Night of the Rabbit is an enchanting trip down the rabbit hole we're glad we took.

By IGN on 79

A child’s story book brought to life, Night of the Rabbit is an elegantly presented pilgrimage into Mousewood and what it means to be a magician’s apprentice. At times dark and at times wonderfully sweet, it is prone towards being sometimes vexing but that shouldn’t stop you from following the Marquis de Hotto down his rabbit hole.

By Metodologic on 85

The Night of the Rabbit tiene algo especial. En sí, como aventura está muy por encima de la media, pero quizás su mayor virtud, más allá de su sólido planteamiento y del precioso plantel audiovisual, es la de evocar la más pura esencia de la infancia, algo que es de lo más impagable.

By Edge on 70

If Daedalic can escape its own ghetto of sub-par voice work - seemingly the final hurdle in its race to fill the Lucasarts-shaped void in the point-and-click genre - then its next trip down the rabbit hole may be unmissable, rather than simply recommended.

By DarkZero on 70

While we shouldn’t ignore its problems with the flow of the story and illogical puzzles, this shouldn’t stop anyone who is a follower of the genre from jumping into this world of magic and talking animals to enjoy one kid’s dream of a delightful summer adventure.

By StrategyInformer on 90

It’s Night of the Rabbit, and if you’re into old-school adventures (and we’re talking Monkey Island or Beneath A Steel Sky level of quality here) and want to walk around a charming world with a smile permanently on your face I wholeheartedly recommend it. Roll on the heavily-hinted-at sequel Daedalic, I want to see more of Mousewood.

By TheDigitalFix on 60

What is perhaps even more confusing is that once the player overcomes the mountain of the first several hours and ventures into the latter game it becomes far more enjoyable. The question is whether anyone without a walkthrough will ever reach this far.

By 3DJuegos on 72

Divertida aventura gráfica point & click a la que le ha faltado esa chispa de genialidad en su historia y rompecabezas para alcanzar el más alto nivel. Su vistosidad, su impecable apartado audiovisual y el encanto que destilan los habitantes de su universo de fantasía son, sin embargo, un reclamo lo suficientemente atractivo como para...

By Destructoid on 75

The Night of the Rabbit still contains all of those classic "ah ha!" moments when you, at long last, cease to be dumbfounded, and the novelty of the magic spells surprisingly doesn't wear off, continuing to be implemented cleverly throughout the long experience. With a lot of patience, you could find yourself having a bloody good time.

By Cheat Code Central on 74

The adventure genre has seen a resurgence in the mainstream gaming world thanks to 2012’s The Walking Dead and 2013’s The Cave. Yet, while those games can certainly be classified as adventure games, they tend to stray away from the classic...

By Polygon on 80

The Night of the Rabbit's world and characters are sweet without being cloying, while the gameplay requires serious adventure-game-logic chops. It appeals equally to innocence and experience. A few overly obscure puzzles slow the pace to a crawl, but Jerry's journey is worth taking - even if only to feel like a kid again for a little while.

By GamePlanet on 70

The Night of the Rabbit wins easy points for its beautiful imagery, clever puzzles and dialogue, but the experience is held back by substandard animations and a lack of mechanical polish.

By RPGFan on 85

Jerry also learns that magic is not just the stuff of fantasy, but an ever-present force that is extraordinary only in how common and pervasive it is. I say The Night of the Rabbit is a children's game, but then again, I know a few adults who need to learn the lessons it teaches.

By HardcoreGamer on 70

With that said, the visuals are absolutely spectacular and the soundtrack has some of the most memorable orchestrated tracks this year. It breaks my heart to even talk about The Night of the Rabbit in a negative manner because, while it has its issues, it’s still an imaginative experience.

By HookedGamers on 65

The dialogue being rather childish is to be expected from a 12 year old protagonist and I’d consider this game aimed at the younger generation. That being said, the difficulty of juggling multiple quest lines simultaneously is not for the easily distracted, or the easily frustrated.

By DigitalSpy on 60

But it is still worth a look for those who value the journey more than the destination, and who are eager for a charming new point-and-click adventure to lose themselves in.