The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode Two - A House Divided

  • The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode Two - A House Divided
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  • Choices do matter, and they’re likely to sting.
  • Clementine continues to grow before our eyes.
  • Small amount of action sequences that are carefully placed to ramp up the story.


  • Unrelenting brutality swerves too close to self-parody.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Digital Trends on 80

The season can continue to churn out episodes as strong as this one, The Walking Dead Season 2 is on the way to matching the excellence of Season One . And that is saying something. Highs Improves on episode one Challenges what you thought you new ...

By HardcoreGamer on 80

The inclusion of a centric antagonist was needed greatly and the way he’s introduced couldn’t have been told any better. A House Divided will leave you with sweaty palms and a gleeful look on your face.

By GameTrailers on 90

The last episode was a tough act to follow, but similar to season one, episode two is even better. The stakes are higher and the consequences steeper. Telltale has once again proved that adventure games are not only still alive, they’re as strong as ever. We can only hope it’s not long before we find out what's next.

By GamesWelt on 85

Dazu bekommt ihr einige faustdicke Überraschungen und ein furios-packendes Finale serviert. Die zweite Episode wirkt inhaltlich sehr ausgereift und gehört für mich zu den besten Episoden überhaupt aus dem Hause Telltale. Können die Jungs das überhaupt noch übertreffen?

By Joystiq on 80

The Walking Dead's impact lies in its relationships, and A House Divided plays to that strength. As an action game, it falls flat, offering a few sections of ho-hum zombie-killing. As a soap opera controlled by the player, it sings.

By Click Online on 80

It didn’t grab me in quite the same way as All That Remains but the same held true for the middle episodes of season one. Telltale has a 10 hour story to tell here and sometimes that means taking time to fill in the edges and corners of your world. And I for one can’t wait to see the payoff.

By GameInformer on 88

Telltale is continuing to build on this, and making choices in the name of giving Clementine the best odds is agonizing. Time will tell how much these choices will reflect in future episodes, but so far Telltale continues to make this world and Clementine’s journey even more engrossing.

By PC Gamer on 88

The Walking Dead's signature moral dilemmas are more nuanced than ever in a plot-heavy second...

By InsideGamingDaily on 90

Clementine has matured into the type of survivor even the adults can trust with their lives, but that’s not necessarily a good thing - with each passing day her innocence slowly slips away. The touching moments and tough decisions had me yelling at my TV, and that’s exactly what Telltale set out to do.

By GameSpot on 80

While the first episode was too perfunctory in how it set the stage and got everything into motion, you can now see both the story and the characters taking shape and evolving. This slow-burn approach should continue to pay dividends as the saga matures in future episodes.

By Polygon on 90

"A House Divided" feels much more like it belongs in the greater story Telltale began with The Walking Dead Season 1. From reminding me how much I loved last season to investing me in what happens as this season progresses, "A House Divided" succeeds on every level.

By Destructoid on 80

Telltale has managed to also bring back its past efforts into the fold, and although their impact is minor, I'm glad it was addressed sooner than later. Although I'm still not sure if this new cast is going to top Lee's old crew, A House Divided is a great second offering, and I'm sufficiently hooked.

By GamesRadar on 90

No longer a burden, she's the foundation of her group in many ways, resulting in interesting dialog choices throughout the episode. Her choices begin to carry more weight and lead to diverging paths, letting you really feel like you're in control.

International Review By on 90

Mit „A House Divided“ liefern die Jungs und Mädels von Telltale Games die bisher beste Episode von The Walking Dead ab. Neben der fantastischen Atmosphäre und den stimmungsvollen Zwischensequenzen, weiß vor allem der neue Gegenspieler zu gefallen. Das...

International Review By on 90

Speaking with friends around a campfire, or fighting zombies to save their lives, humanizes The Walking Dead's cast better than most games characterize their protagonist. My dialogue choices reflect what Clementine and her friends need, rather than what...