The Wolf Among Us: Episode 4




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By Strategy Informer on 70

Despite the acting, music, and graphics teams doing their bang-up jobs, and the storyline taking some interesting turns toward an epic finale, Episode 4 of The Wolf Among Us was more than a little unsatisfying. Yes the writing's great but there's not...

By Digital Trends on 80

Take note before you read any further that you're reading a review of the fourth episode in a five-episode season. You're going to be lost if you haven't played The Wolf Among Us up to this point, and probably spoiled as well. If you really want to know...

By Cheat Code Central on 94

Thus far, every episode of The Wolf Among Us has been centered around a theme. The first episode was about choices and how it relates to information, the second was about morals and how far you are willing to go to see justice done, and the third was...

By PC Gamer on 80

Episode four makes Bigby's struggle more personal, then ends abruptly, transferring the pressure to deliver onto the...

International Review By on 80

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: Sheep's Clothing não conta com os momentos arrepiantes dos episódios anteriores, mas tem o importante papel de preparar o terreno para o aguardado final da série. Mantendo o alto padrão visual e sonoro e com os toques...

International Review By on

Сезон The Wolf Among Us медленно, но верно подходит к своему завершению, что нисколько не мешает Telltale Games по-прежнему тянуть кота за хвост. Злоключения шерифа Бигби то ударялись в нудную тягомотину , то снова брали бодрый темп , однако до уровня...

International Review By on

The MSI GS60 Ghost has the power to justify the price tag, especially since it's considerably less expensive than Razer's laptops, but the build quality can make you forget that you spent close to $2,000 to acquire it. For PC gamers on the go, though,...