• TimeShift
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  • The ability to pause, slow, and rewind time is interesting.
  • Weapons are cool and very satisfying to shoot.
  • Solid online mode.


  • There are fourpanel comic strips with better stories.
  • Mission objectives are generally uninteresting.

Expert reviews and ratings

By JusTech'n on

Overall, TimeShift is an entertaining game for anyone who like FPS’s even though the storyline and multiplayer aspects of the game fall short. The physics, sound, A.I. and single player campaign, though short, make up for TimeShift’s...

By GamePyre on 79

Timeshift has a lot of potential to be a great game, but unfortunately never hits the greatness it could achieve. Dont get me wrong, I had fun with the game, but it isnt a must play type title. The game has dropped in price a bit at some online...

By Stuff NZ on 60

In the Timeshift future, it rains. A lot. I think it rained the whole time I played the game. I should have brought an umbrella. Set in a bleak, grimy future, Timeshifts story is that the evil Dr Krone has stolen a suit that lets him travel back in...

By PC Pro on 50

An interesting idea shoe-horned into a very generic first-person shooter. Originally slated for release in 2006, the first version of TimeShift floundered, with publisher Sierra believing the title wouldnt compete against Unreal Tournament 3 and...

By GameZone on 78

del.icio.us | Digg This | Glink It Timeshift is a horrible game that doesn’t have—wait… reverse that. Lets try this again. Timeshift is a well-rounded game that although lacking in the story and motivation department, leaves the...

By Games Radar on 70

Oct 30, 2007It's been a tough year to be a first-person shooter. With the bar being set ludicrously high by games like Halo 3, BioShock, The Orange Box, and Call of Duty 4, we are in a golden age of action titles. It's a bit hard, then, to...

By 1Up on 56

VIDEO: Head over to our videos page to check out all TimeShift footage!Someone hit rewind! When TimeShift nearly shipped last year, publisher Vivendi Games rebooted everything right after reporting "only seven bugs left." A ballsy call, no doubt, but...

By GameSpot on 65

An interesting time-shifting mechanic and fun-to-shoot weapons cant make up for the rest of TimeShifts run-of-the-mill first-person shooter gameplay....

By IGN Gear on 76

TimeShift is a nice example of what developers can do with a game if given the proper amount of time to build on a game and improve its foundation. What a year ago looked to be a budget shooter worth only a passing glance has been reworked into a...

International Review By Gamers Globe on 60

Skønt spillet skildrer med et nyt og anderledes gameplay så er jeg alt andet end imponeret over dette spil, hvis tempo ironisk nok foregår i sneglefart.Året er... Det ved jeg faktisk ikke helt, men jeg ved at vi befinder os i... Nej,...

International Review By Smartson on

Timeshift är ett skjutspel där du har som främsta vapen att du kan manipulera tidens gång. Testarna är nöjda med spelkänslan och grafiken, men efterfrågar bättre utnyttjande av det speciella...

International Review By TweakUp on 75

Timeshift lider under tre store problemer:1) Banerne er for liniære og puzzles for nemme hvilket hverken udfordrer eller opfordrer til udforskning.2) AIen er forudsigelig og passiv og der går meget lang tid før du møder reel modstand.3) Den drivende...

International Review By Bouweenpc on 80

Timeshift is een aardige game met vette features. Het stopzetten van tijd en vervolgens de wapens van je tegenstanders stelen verveelt nooit. Dat de game grafisch niet zo mooi is blijft jammer, maar het verpest de gameplay niet. Ondanks mindere...

International Review By Subdogs on 60

Timeshift har haft en minst sagt brokig historia. Det har utvecklats av en rysk spelstudio, visades i prototypform redan 2003 och skulle först ha publiceras av Atari. Spelet var tänkt för dator och gamla Xbox men konverterades i efterhand till den...