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Titanfall is a multiplayer first person shooter that involves combat between Pilots and Titans. You fight other players in 6 vs. 6 matches earning abilities and unlocking new weapons. To get your objective you have to walk, run, jump, double jump, wall run, you almost never stop moving in Titanfall.

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By TechSpot on

I turn back to Kirk and we're cheering on party chat. "You saved my life! Kirk, you saved my life and I witnessed that!" We're cheering and talking over each other excitedly, giggling, and we can't get over how much we love this game and we keep telling each other how much we love this game.

By GameSpot on 80

If getting back into shooters after Halo 3 was challenging for me, I can only imagine how hard it will be to find a game that can live up to the new standards set by Titanfall.

By PC Authority on 83

Titanfall wears its legacy rather proudly on its sleeve. The game's developer, Respawn, is the brainchild of a gaggle of ex Infinity Ward staff – the same guys, in fact, responsible for the massive hype-train that is the Call of Duty franchise. So, in a...

By Good Gear Guide on 80

Titanfall melds fast paced gameplay with a well balanced multiplayer component. The single player mode is a bit lacking, but you'll have too much fun to...

By PCGamer on 86

They are why this genre became so popular in the first place, and Titanfall is a fine way to rediscover that attraction. Just endeavour to get your money's worth while the honeymoon lasts.

By Neoseeker on 90

Titanfall has certainly proven to be the new big thing in competitive shooters. Formed primarily of veterans from iconic Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward, Respawn Entertainment had a lot to prove with this multiplayer-only FPS, and they've faced plenty...

By New Game Network on 86

There's so much going on in Titanfall it's hard to nail down the best part of it. Many games aren't as good as the sum of their parts, but Titanfall certainly is, and each section is good enough to stand up on its...

By PC Advisor on 80

Despite looking from afar like a design-by-committee attempt to seize as much of Call of Duty's territory as possible, the much-hyped multiplayer shooter Titanfall (from the one-time creators of the aforementioned COD) turns out to be big on smarts and...

By Wired UK on 80

Titanfall is a terrific game, accessible and rewarding. It's clearly the initial release in a long line of updates, map packs and improvements -- and it's off to a strong start. It's not without its drawbacks, particularly for gamers who hate having to...

By mobilephonereviewss.com on

How do you judge a game as hyped as Titanfall? Do you deconstruct it, check all the bullet points are covered, pick it apart and talk about the things it doesn't do? If so, Titanfall might leave you wanting.Visually, Respawn's debut is a great-looking...

By Joystiq on 90

It feeds on the fallout that results when equality means the other guy gets a robot too. Titanfall isn't tuned to perfection for everyone yet, but it starts as a smart, swift and startling movement in well-traveled space.

By HardcoreGamer on 80

Titanfall has some noteworthy shortcomings, and yet the accessible gameplay makes it an easy recommendation not only for FPS veterans, but those who normally avoid the genre as well. As a result, Titanfall is the best gateway FPS ever created and is a must-buy for anybody with an Xbox One.

By Digital Trends on 90

The Titans may have fallen, but they didn't exactly hit the ground running. Respawn Entertainment's inaugural effort, Titanfall , at least earns all the hype that's been heaped in front of it. The multiplayer shooter that pits Pilots and their Titan...

By The Verge on 90

I can think of few other games that let me ride on the back of a giant robot or run along the side of a skyscraper. I can’t think of any where I can use ancient aliens bones as cover while I methodically creep up on enemies and shoot them with a smart pistol.

By TrustedReviews on 90

We hope that we'll see a better fusion of narrative and action in the sequel, not to mention more imaginative game modes, but as it is Titanfall is an FPS to rival Call of Duty, Left for Dead and Battlefield, and one which sets high standards for a new breed of next-gen games to match – and hopefully surpass.

By SlashGear on

Chris Burns Prepare to be wowed. In Titanfall , the developers at Respawn Entertainment have at once made a massive name for themselves and have carved out a new generation in multiplayer gaming that's long overdue. The team at EA Games have made...

By Mirror UK on 90

One thing’s for sure, though: Respawn have certainly gone above and beyond the Call of Duty to reinvent the genre for a new generation.

By GamesRadar on 80

But while that holds Titanfall back from being a true revolution, you'll still have a damn good time dropping titans from space and kicking enemies in the head, all the while screaming "did you see that?!" at your TV.

By Metro UK on 90

It could do with a few more ancillary options, and a more interesting backstory, but in terms of online gameplay Titanfall is now the game to beat this gen.

By GameReactor on 90

A colleague remarked that between the private beta event and the public release, the review event and playing the final retail code, we'd be beginning our XP climb from scratch for the fourth time in a row. Neither of us saw that as a chore. That says a lot.