Wargame: Red Dragon




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By moviesgamesandtech.com on 80

It's the difficult third album for Wargame. I have spent a huge amount of time playing Airland Battle so Red Dragon promising the same game plus loads more stuff seemed perfect to me. Sadly I like to spend most of my time building decks. Looking through...

By GamingShogun on 80

Do you love the smell of napalm in the morning? Feel that your current real time strategy game has a decidedly less tactical feel to it? Are you one of those people that would just like to watch the world burn? Then do I have a game for you! Wargame:...

By Strategy Informer on 85

I can’t help but feel that, as a franchise, Wargame is in a bit of a weird place right now. The third game in as many years – Red Dragon – takes the action from Europe to the China Sea, where old favourites like the UK, USSR and the Eastern Block duke...

By beststuff.com on

Wargame: Red Dragon is the third installment in the Wargame series, a Real Time Strategy game from Eugen Systems. It is an incredibly tense and complex strategy game set in the Cold War era with one idea: What if we were actually at war with Eastern...

International Review By gamestar.de on 79

Stefan Köhler: Ich bin maßlos enttäuscht von Wargame: Red Dragon. Klar, eine 79 ist keine schlechte Wertung - aber wenn das Potenzial deutlich höher liegt, stellt man schon die Frage nach dem Warum. Warum baut Eugen Systems so spannende Ausgangslagen...

International Review By overclockers.ru on

Для комфортной игры в Wargame: Red Dragon потребуется системный блок с четырьмя гигабайтами оперативной памяти и видеокартой, оснащенной двумя гигабайтами набортной памяти. Игра предъявила умеренные требования к графической подсистеме, в результате...

International Review By in.ign.com on

The Wargame series has always been about vulnerability, in that every type of unit is specifically designed to kill another type of unit. That means that vision is everything: the first side to spot the enemy can get the favorable matchups that will turn...

International Review By Computer Bild on

Schwache Einzelspieler-Kampagne, aber fordernde Multiplayer-Gefechte: Das neue Echtzeitstrategiespiel der „Ruse“-Entwickler ist voll und ganz auf Schlachten Mensch gegen Mensch...