Club3D CSP-X1200CS 1200W

  • Club3D CSP-X1200CS 1200W
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  • High efficiency, Good voltage regulation at 12V, Excellent noise/ripple suppression, 12V registered very low voltage drops in both Advanced Transient Response tests


  • Loose voltage regulation on minor rails. 3.3V surpassed 5%, Couldn't deliver full power at 50C ambient (fine at 45C), 3.3V failed in 2nd Advanced Transient Response test, Two year warranty, Can't connect six PCIe and two EPS connectors

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By techPowerUp! on 83

At the end of the day, the CSP-X1200CB left me with mixed feelings. On the one hand it showed high efficiency, quite good voltage regulation at +12V and very low ripple/noise on all rails. Also +12V and 5V performed well in the very tough Advanced...