ThermalTake Evo Blue W0308 750W

  • ThermalTake Evo Blue W0308 750W
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  • Modular.
  • LEDs.
  • 750 watts.


  • Flashiness is likely unnecessary or unwanted for most enthusiasts.

Expert reviews and ratings

By X-bit Labs on

The products from Chieftec and Enermax stand out among the half-dozen power supplies we have tested in this review. Both feature handy modular design and meet the 80+Bronze requirements. Their other electrical parameters are good, too, and they are...

By Bjorn3D on 75

The Thermaltake Evo_Blue 750 watt PSU definitely packs some quality. This should almost be expected though, after all Thermaltake has been making PSU's for quite awhile now. The Thermaltake PSU's also happen to be about the same price, or...

By The Best Case Scenario on 100

The is a remarkable PSU for its price. You get so many features all from a reliable and well trusted name. I would not hesitate to put this PSU in all but the most extreme systems. (only because of the wattage rating). The Evo_Blue750 excelled in all...

By ThinkComputers on 90

Thermaltake’s cases are usually quite flashy, but its power supplies have been traditionally pretty standard black boxes. There are a few which break this mold, and the Evo Blue series is one of them. ThinkComputers got its hands on the 75oW...

By Pro-Clockers on

I see the Thermaltake being a very popular power supply amongst modders and others that like to show off their cases. The Evo-Blue has all the flash and bling a person of this nature would want. The clever integration of the mesh pattern and the way...

By HardwareHeaven on

Clearly we’d recommend the Evo Blue 750W to modders and enthusiasts who really care about the aesthetics of their system. The overall performance of the Evo Blue 750W unit is simply acceptable, which isn’t a very good thing to say about a...

By Legion Hardware on

Despite its eye catching aesthetics, the EVO_Blue 550 watt is the most affordable modular power supply that Thermaltake now offers, at just $100 US. In fact, the 650 watt is now their second cheapest modular power supply, while the EVO_Blue 750 watt...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Como ya hemos dicho, aunque una PSU no tenga por fin exhibirse y, como consecuencia de ello, sus diseños sean más bien sobrios, esto no quiere decir que, de tanto en cuanto, no debamos apreciar esas excepciones que confirman las susodichas...

International Review By Hard-H2O on

La EVO_Blue series nos ofrece la suficiente potencia para la inmensa mayoría de equipos presentes en el mercado, además de disfrutar de una luminosidad modding al 100%. Los voltajes son excelentes bajo cualquier carga, con un sistema de...

International Review By Traficantes de Hardware on 70

Nos ha gustado Voltajes ajustados Excelente diseño y construcción Iluminación led Buena refrigeración 5 años de garantía Buen número de conexiones Mallado de calidad Modular Se puede mejorar Eficiencia, no cuenta con...

International Review By Sabios del PC on 80

Thermaltake ha desarrollado una fuente de alimentacion con un gran aspecto exterior, los valores obtenidos en las pruebas que hemos realizado han sido bastante satisfactorios, excepto en los 12v, que bajo hasta los 11,9v cuando esta en plena carga, si...