VIA Nano L2100 1.8GHz

  • VIA Nano L2100 1.8GHz
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  • Faster than earlier VIA CPU products; relatively low power.


  • Still trails the competition by a bit.

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By ZDNet UK on 70

The Nano loads HTML, XML and JavaScript pages faster than the Atom. Second, when it comes to graphics, netbook users have to accept performance...

By Fudzilla on

Page 3 of 3 Power consumption: While the system is idling, VIAs CPU/chipset combination is beating Intel by a huge margin. The comparison is not quite fair, because the Nano board has many more features which should use more power. It has a PCIe...

By Trusted Reviews on

Based on the largely positive reaction there has been to the recent deluge of and that use Intels low cost and low power Atom CPU, it would be fair to assume Intel has these markets all sewn up. However, while Intel certainly has the PR...

By RegHardware on

From our initial survey, its clear VIAs Nano is a promising processor. But we were unimpressed by the performance of the CN896 chipset and Chrome9 graphics, and the prospect of a 150 price fills us with horror. VIA, say it aint so! ...

By ExtremeTech on

VIAs first attempt at a performance CPU still lacks punch, but VIAs strength in platform design will keep it in the...

By The Tech Report on

True to their billings, the Atom 230 and Nano L2100 showed themselves to be very different animals through the course of our testing. The Atom 230 combines admirably low peak power draw with largely adequate performance for basic productivity tasks,...

By PCPer on

Both the VIA Nano and Intel Atom processors and platforms have their own positives and drawback but it was really the VIA Nano L2100 processor that impressed me the most. Coming from a very small CPU design team here in the US, the Isaiah...

By Ars Technica on

Atom vs. Nano: not a perfect match In order to test VIAs new chip, Ive benchmarked it against Intels Atom. Theres a lot of curiosity out there about how the two low-power processors stack up against each other, and this article attempts to satisfy...

International Review By GinjFo on

VIA introduit avec le processeur Nano, une nouvelle architecture (Isaiah) performante. Lancienne gnration de processeur C7 prend dsormais un coup de vieux. Face loffre du march, ce constructeur dispose...