3M CP45 camcorder projector

  • 3M CP45 camcorder projector
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  • Both projector and camcorder, Can show images from composite video sources, internal 2 GB memory, or microSD card.


  • Although it can download images from computers to show them from internal memory, it can't show images directly from a computer.

Expert reviews and ratings

By theregister.co.uk on 75

 As an example of compact engineering, the CP45 is undeniably impressive. But it’s not a whizz bang buy. Many of us will already have comparable functionality in our phones, making only the LED projector element a novelty. However road...

By Stuff.tv on 80

By combining two genuinely usable gadgets in one seriously small body, 3M’s CP45 turns your humble pocket into a treasure-trove of multimedia fun....

By Business Computing World on 60

With increased accessibility it is now easier than ever to capture memorable moments wherever we go. Most mobile phones offer embedded still and video cameras, as do the current wave of tablets sweeping the country. However, huddling around a small...

By 5FWD on 60

As a pico projector, the 3M CP45B Camcorder Projector works well. You can plug other devices into it, or you can simply play back video from the integrated storage or microSD cards. As an all-round package, it's not quite so good, being let down by...

By The Inquirer on 50

The CP45 is a bold attempt to mash two devices into one and, although it is well crafted and performs reasonably well, it tries to do too much. Sleek and portable The 3M CP45 looks good and seems to be a mash-up between a Kodak Playsport and Flip...

By PC Mag on 70

The 3M Camcorder Projector CP45 projector has a built-in camcorder that can show images from external video sources or from memory, including video and photos it takes itself....

By Trusted Reviews on 80

Although there are inevitable compromises to its separate projection and camcorder elements, as an overall package the CP45 is better than expected and great fun to boot - especially given its surprisingly affordable...

International Review By itespresso.fr on 60

Dans l’absolu seul sur son marché… ou presque, le CP45 pourrait dormir sur ses deux oreilles s’il n’était cette farouche résistance que lui opposent en toute logique les produits dont il s’inspire. En...