• Acer H5360
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  • Bright.
  • Compact and portable.
  • Affordable price.


  • Limited to 720p.
  • Uses DLP technology.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Projectors at Projector Reviews on

The bottom line on the Acer H5360 is you get a a lot of projector at a low price. The native resolutionof 1280x720 puts this projector as a pretty good choice for part time home entertainment use and as a business projector in the conference room....

By TechRadar on 90

When it comes to stereoscopic 3D, we've got a bit of a soft spot for the Acer H5360. It was our first taste of a 3D product that actually had us tempted to take the plunge.We reckon the greater viewing distance a projector offers compared to a...

By ProjectorCentral on 82

The primary feature that sets the Acer H5360 apart from similar projectors in this price range is the ability to provide a quality reproduction of 3D content. Additionally, the low cost of ownership, very useable levels of light output and good 2D...

By Maximum PC on 70

Just slightly ahead of its time 3D Vision is one ace up Nvidia’s GPU sleeve that AMD doesn’t have an answer for. And if you enjoy 3D Vision on the small screen, you’ll really dig it writ large with Acer’s H5360 DLP video...

By TopTenREVIEWS on 75

An affordable unit that supports 720p and...

By RegHardware on 75

The H5360 is a very good 720p widescreen portable projector that produces fabulous images, including terrific 3D Vision performance. However, after all the song and dance about 3D readiness, we could have done without the trip to Maplins in the...

International Review By Smartson on

Acer H5360 är en lågt prissatt 3d-projektor med DLP-teknik som imponerar med sina fina bildegenskaper i två såväl som i tre dimensioner. Testarna menar att det därför är synd att upplösningen bara är...

International Review By 01Net on 80

Pour un vidéoprojecteur à moins de 600 euros, le H5360 d'Acer a deux atouts : sa compatibilité 3D et une définition HD 720p (1 280 x 720 pixels). Son système d'affichage DLP est annoncé capable d'offrir une...

International Review By Area DVD on

An einen 800 Euro Projektor, den man im Handel schon für unter 600 Euro bekommen kann und der zudem auch noch 3D-Vision kompatibel ist, darf man keine allzu großen visuellen Erwartungen stellen. Umso überraschender ist für uns die...

International Review By Alt om DATA on 90

Sandheden er dog, at vi har med temmelig små margener at gøre. De giver alle en visningsoplevelse af samme slags og ikke en helt til-fredsstillende en, i hvert fald når det kommer...

International Review By Magnus.de on 65

Für WM-Übertragungen im kleinen Kreis und Game-Sessions liefert der Acer-Projektor ein knackiges, helles und dabei farbenfrohes Bild – auf Wunsch sogar mit...

International Review By Ere Numérique on 75

Comme souvent, c’est par l’informatique que la technologie arrive dans nos maisons. Cela s’explique simplement par la très grande souplesse de l’environnement PC qui, sans changer l’ordinateur en soi, permet d’expérimenter des innovations. C’est...

International Review By BitCity on 89

Acer H5360 è un videoproiettore per l'intrattenimento domestico e per chi desidera un prodotto per la riproduzione brillante di film in alta definizione e per il gaming HD in tre dimensioni. L'aspetto più interessante riguarda la...