• LG HS201
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  • Portability offered, Good image quality up to 80 inches
  • Very good colors, interesting design, easy to use interface and remote, one of the brightest LED portable projectors in the market, HDMI, DIvX via USB, reads NTFS, height adjustment


  • Limited to 800x600 resolution, powerful enough only for a small-ish room
  • No carry case, power consumption is a bit high

Expert reviews and ratings

By InsideHW on

Several months ago, we had the chance to make friends with the tiny Benq Joybee projector, which left a most positive impression on us. The fact that LG has decided to present the portable projector market with their own solution just months after...

By CIOL on

Like most other things, even projectors are getting smaller and smaller in size. The "mobile" projectors have become quite popular- could be the size, portability and price.The new kid on the tiny block is the LG HS201 Projector. How good is it? Can...

By TechTree on 90

The LG HS201 is priced around Rs.48,000, which is very attractive, and makes it currently the best pick among all the other portable projectors in the market. Compared to its older sibling, the HS102G, which shares the same features, the new HS201...