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  • Integrated iPod/iPhone dock with video playback; delivers brighter image than most pico projectors; speakers play reasonably loud; HDMI and standard video inputs.
  • Connects to computers and almost any video source. Includes iPod dock. Surprisingly good image quality for pico projector engine.
  • The Optoma Neo-i is a DLP projector that includes an integrated iPod/iPhone dock for playing videos straight from your iOS handheld. It delivers a brighter image than what most pico projectors offer, and the speakers play reasonably loud. The Neo-i als...


  • Muddled at loud volumes. Weak remote control. Very (very) expensive.
  • Soft picture, especially at larger sizes; does not work with all apps; fairly pricey; not very portable, remote doesn't work as well as it should.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Blogcritics on

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with three different HD projectors made by Optoma — the HD33, the GT750E, and the Neo-i. While all produced good images (in fact, the HD33 would probably be classified...

By Mac|Life on 70

While the Neo-i is a perfectly capable and sleek video player, its price is more than a little surprising. For $450, you can buy a good entry-level HDTV, and even with all its “wow factors,” the Neo-i still can’t hold a candle lumen to...

By MyMac on 70

The Optoma Neo-i projector is a well-built, small projector that does a good job projecting video in small to medium sized rooms. Audio quality is good, if a bit too bassy. It’s easy to use, using either the built in controls or the included remote....

By CNET Asia on 70

The Optoma Neo-i's iPod/iPhone dock along and its semi-respectable image and sound quality help put it ahead of many competing small, casual video projectors....

By PC Mag on 80

Part home entertainment projector and part iPod dock, the Optoma Neo-i delivers both suitable audio and better image quality than you might expect from its pico projector engine. Buy it...

By cnet on 70

Though its design stretches the definition of "pico" projector, the Optoma Neo-i's inclusion of an iPod/iPhone dock along and its semirespectable image and sound quality help put it ahead of many competing small, casual video...

By iLounge on 60

Despite the price tag and roughly 13” by 3” by 9” size, the Neo-i almost—almost—feels like a comparative bargain when it’s compared with earlier alternatives such as AAXA’s P1 Pico Projector and Sparkz...