Vivitek H9080FD

  • Vivitek H9080FD
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  • Outstanding picture quality. Strong feature list. Immense lamp life. Surprisingly easy to use


  • Design is rather cumbersome. Calibration is needed to get the best from it

Expert reviews and ratings

By Home Theater on

LEDs promise longevity, consistent performance , Excellent color , Good contrast mitigated by unrefined dynamic contrast performance The last few years have been a golden age for digital front projection in home theater applications. Today’s...

By Home Entertainment Mag on

It's a beefy looking thing, this projector. It's not much larger than other high-end single chippers, but there's something about its boxy, ribbed design that makes it a little more commanding than others. This is a good thing, I think. If...

By on 100

A truly state-of-the-art projector for making rich people ecstatically happy and the rest of us as jealous as hell...

By ProjectorCentral on 80

The Vivitek H9080FD is revolutionary. It is more than just an LED projector - it is a serious home theater product that just happens to use LEDs for illumination. The distinction is fine, but important. This is not a gimmick product, nor is it merely...

By TechRadar on 80

Vivitek is the first manufacturer to release a lamp-free home cinema projector in the guise of the H9080FD – a feat made possible with the adoption of Luminus Devices PhlatLight technology – and it wont be the last. The unit utilises a...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

As you would expect of a projector costing the eye-watering amount of £10,995, Viviteks H9080FD is no ordinary projector. In fact, its a worlds first. For no other 1080p home cinema projector before has been built around LED lighting. This is...

By Projectors at Projector Reviews on

on the Vivitek H9080FD Projector: Expensive, but quality picture, ideal for smaller screens up to 100" diagonal, in dedicated theater rooms. In that enviroment the image will really pop! If the limited lumens, or the high sticker price due to the LED...

International Review By on 80

Vivitek schafft es mit dem H9080FD auf Anhieb, eine neue Technik zu etablieren, welche in der Tat die Heimkinoprojektion revolutionieren knnte. Die im Test ausgemachten Probleme liegen grtenteils im Bereich kleinerer Korrekturen und...