Zeemote JS1

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  • Compact.
  • Great battery life.
  • Feels solid and sturdy, despite size.


  • Not much software at the moment.
  • Do you really want to carry a joystick for your phone?

Expert reviews and ratings

By Android Police on

By now, you should've heard about the Zeemote Bluetooth Gaming Controller. We only gave away a thousand of them a couple weeks ago, after all. We've started to receive ours here at the Android Police Station, so we thought it was an appropriate...

By Dev Hardware on

Cellular phone technology is increasing every day, and with that comes the ability to play more sophisticated video games on your mobiles. If you aren’t lugging around the most basic cell phone model, long gone are the days of only being able to play...

By Wired on 70

Cell phone games have come a long way since green lines charging helpless red dots or grinding through yet another Tetris marathon. But as far as control sets go, youre pretty much stuck with your phones number pad or some variation of a...

By SlashPhone on

Zeemote JS1 wireless game controller for mobile devices Last update: 13-02-08 Submitted by ahbao Views: 1496 Home Gadgets Other DevicesZeemote announced the launch of the patented Zeemote JS1, a wireless controller that enables near-console game...

International Review By Symbian France on

Aujourd’hui on teste un objet un peu particulier à savoir la Zeemote (ou manette de jeux pour mobiles Bluetooth zeemote JS1), le nom ne vous dit peut-être rien mais, sachez que sous ce nom un peu rigolo se cache une sorte de...